What is Within is Without…

The world outside of us is nothing but a projection of what’s inside us. Since there is no other way to understand what is happening within, let’s just say God made it so as a way of helping us see what is going on inside us.

Having said that, it would then be safe to say that everything that unfolds in our experience is a mirror to our inner world, which means it is us who is attracting it. E.g. Anger begets anger, fear attracts fear, Love attracts love and the same applies to everything else as well. So if you do not like what you see outside of you, instead of slipping into blame mode and cursing fate and people, it would be a good idea to peek inside and see what’s happening in there. Now let me just clarify here, that this approach is not to shift the blame from others to yourself. It is not about blame at all. It is about being responsible for everything that you experience – as everything is exactly the way you want it to be – either through your thoughts or feelings or lessons that you need to learn (which again were planned by you before you incarnated). So you are the creator of each and everything that you experience. For if it weren’t so, then everyone would have the same experience and respond exactly the same way to each experience. But we know that it isn’t that way.

Don’t forget you ARE what you THINK and you VIBRATE what you ARE and you GET what you VIBRATE! Which can be represented as –

Your thoughts = What you are = What you vibrate = What you get/attract.

Its as simple as that.

So the next time you find yourself not liking anything that’s happening around you, stop and look within – you could do this either through meditation or work with a spiritual teacher or guide or a therapist.

All the answers lie within. Seek yours…and empower yourself.

Angel Blessings Always!

~Shweta V