We Work to Elevate the Member Experience: Champs of Raheja Platinum
We Work to Elevate the Member Experience: Champs of Raheja Platinum

Just like how a man is known by the company he keeps. An organization is known by the way it serves its customers.

Customer Experience is one of the most crucial measures of success for any successful organization. You may have great services and products to offer your clients but without a service mindset these services and products will not serve any purpose.

There are very few organizations who believe in creating exceptional experiences for their customers and We Work is one such organization that thrive on elevating the overall experience for their members. They won my heart on the first day of my tour when they said that they addressed their customers as ‘members’. When you start considering your customers a part of your corporate family, you begin to build trust and this allows you to generate the right amount of experience for your customers.

We Work (Raheja Platinum) has a team of Customer Experience Champs – be it the Community Managers, Housekeeping staff or the Security staff. They all talk the same language – enhancing their members’ experience.

I wish to share a few stories of excellent service experience these guys are creating on a daily basis.

Empathy for members
Managing 1,800 members (yes, you will find almost 2,000 members working from Raheja Platinum.) is no easy feat and our champs are working day in and day out to keep their members engaged.

There was a member who had broken his leg – the We Work team understood his pain and brightened up his day by talking to him, helping with whatever he needed. There is a difference between empathy and sympathy — if you had a good intent to help people and are able to put yourself in their shoes — you have won a customer for life! I am sure that guy (member) would have been really happy to receive that kind of attention.

Going beyond the rules
Finding a parking spot these days is next to impossible. During my first week here, I had invited my family to see my office space and had asked them to park their vehicles outside. I was pretty sure that they would not get any parking within Raheja Platinum. It was Janmasthami and the road outside Raheja Platinum was crowded. My brother in law decided to drop my folks at the entrance first and then look for a space to park his car outside. The security guys screened the car and allowed him to park his car inside the premises as an exception. Now, this is what I call going beyond your rules and processes. Did he break the rule – I don’t think so? He screened the car and then decided to let them park the car inside (there was a 5 month old baby and two senior citizens). Had this been any other mall or corporate office premise the security guards would not have allowed? Simple things like these do make a difference.

Taking charge of the situation
A member accidentally dropped her coffee mug while walking and there was fresh coffee all over the floor. Normally, no one would bother to come and clean it up. Here, we had a member who obviously was embarrassed about what happened. The Community Manager (Vinay Menon) walked up to her and said “Hey, its OK we will sort this out!” He then called the housekeeping and got them to clear the mess. Again a simple gesture that made a difference!

Bouncing back from a service failure
Whenever there is a service failure or if a member has given a lower rating on the feedback. We Work champs make it a point to talk to the member to understand what went wrong and focus on winning back the trust. They meet internally as a team to discuss what they could be doing to avoid such gaps in the future and come up with plans to enhance the experience. Service failures are fine as long as organizations have the capabilities to own it up and work on turning it around for their customers!

What makes these guys so successful in elevating their members’ experience?
They are able to successfully align their three core pillars – Culture (Customer-centric), Employees (We Work Team) and Customers (Members). We Work as an organization lives by its mission – Elevate world’s consciousness.

Customer-centric culture
Their only goal is to make life simple for their members, and they are able to do this through 6 non-negotiable qualities that talk directly to their customer-centric culture: Grateful, Tenacious, Authentic, Entrepreneurial, Inspired and Together. They hire people who have the ability to display these qualities and empower them to leverage their strengths on a daily basis.

They have weekly and monthly meetings to discuss member experience – this allows them to strategize innovative methods of engaging with their members. Plus, it allows them to learn from each other – We Work members all over India along with the global team meet once a month over Zoom to discuss things they do to elevate the overall experience. Ritz Carlton, known for their excellent customer service is able to do this on a daily basis, and I am happy to hear that We Work too follows a similar practice.

Employee Engagement
All members are treated equally regardless of their level in the organization. They celebrate birthdays of housekeeping and security staff and make them feel special. If any member has recognized them then the recognition is made public on their in-house platform.

The community managers are allowed to speak their mind and share views and suggestions with the seniors and their inputs are not only considered but also implemented. This is what makes the place vibrant and enables We Work team to create exceptional experiences for their members.

Member Experience
The third pillar for We Work’s success is their ability to engage with the members. We Work members have a great intent to deliver great service and are committed to their mission of elevating world’s consciousness. They look for every opportunity to make a difference and help members feel at home.

They spend time on understanding their members and ensure to pair up members with a buddy (another member with similar interests). This fosters collaboration and allows members to create business opportunities. The weekly events are interesting and unique – who does that?

The playlist on the floor is curated on a daily basis to make it upbeat. The housekeeping team maintains the hygiene and cleanliness on all the floors – these champions are always on the move! The Community Managers always have a smile on their faces, despite their busy schedule. If they are busy, they will politely ask you to wait but make it a point to meet their members once they are done with their work.

It is the strong customer-centric culture that makes We Work one of the best co-working spaces. I look forward to a long and fruitful stay at We Work and hope to grow my firm at Raheja Classique soon:)

Believe me, these guys have not paid me for writing this post – in fact I am paying them a rental on a monthly basis 🙂 (Just kidding!)

A message to all the champs I have interacted with: Naomi D’souza, Yamini Singhal, Denise Moraes, Vinay Menon, Prachi Chitkara, Midhun Bharat, Sayli Homkar, Anshumaan Kharga, Akshay and Peter – you guys are truly inspiring. Keep making a difference in the lives of your members! You are the rock stars of We Work (Raheja Platinum)!

I would also like to thank my ex-colleague Nikita Kayal for encouraging me to work from We Work and to Arpita Gokhale for allowing me to write this post and also publish it on my blog!

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