Trust Your Instincts

How many times have you asked your inner voice to shut up or have just discarded it as your imagination??

Our angels and guides are always talking to us and guiding us. The minute we pray for help, they get to work on our behalf and bring forth the best solutions to us. We may or may not know how they will answer our prayers, and we don’t even need to know, because it is way beyond human comprehension. However, what we need to know is that their way will be the best ever! So the most sensible thing to do is just follow the guidance that comes through in the form of that little voice from inside you.

It is very normal to let fear scream its head off, so that you don’t hear the soft divine guidance. However, its never too late to become aware of this fact and to start training yourself to hearing and believing that inner voice.

Divine guidance comes through in magical ways and you just know it when that happens. All you have to now learn is to trust and then follow through on it!

May the angels always watch over you and help you with this endeavor!

Love & Light Always..

~Shweta V