True Divine Guidance Vs Wishful Thinking or Imagination – How to Tell the Difference?

I have received this question so many times that how do we tell the difference between true divine guidance and our wishful thinking? What if I am just imagining things? What if this and what if that? So I decided to write this piece where I’ll try and clarify the difference between the two and also explain how to learn to distinguish.

So firstly it’s important to understand a few concepts –

1. Although we are infinite beings of light in truth (spirit form), as human beings we are confined in a physical vessel and house certain elements of the ego – fear, anger, jealousy, anxiety, etc.

2.  Divine Guidance comes from a plane that is way beyond our consciousness. It is a realm that is characterized by unconditional love. Virtues of the ego do not exist in these higher realms since the laws of the universe/metaphysics such as the law of attraction, frequencies and vibrations do not allow for it.

3. The divine speaks to us through our gut/our intuition/our inner voice. So to listen to divine guidance you will have to trust your instincts. The first feelings, thoughts, visions, ideas that you get as soon as you see, hear or experience something, is your inner voice. It’s the first split second. After that the ego takes over. The divine will always nudge you to do that which aligns with your highest interest and so it is extremely important to learn to listen to and then to trust your instincts. So training yourself to hear/feel/see and then believe that first feeling or thought is crucial and will come with practice; which means it will come by exercising it in day to day life and situations.

Having set these three postulates let’s now explore the difference between divine guidance and imagination –

True Divine Guidance – Comes from a Place of Unconditional Love so you will feel that love.

Human Thinking – Comes from your mind, which may have elements of the ego attached to it. You will feel those emotions.

True Divine Guidance – Will NEVER EVER be scary or threatening or use negative words or tone.

Human Thinking – If it is negative, it is definitely a work of your own mind.

True Divine Guidance – Even if the guides want to give you a negative message they will do so with love, using positive words; and the energy that you feel will be that of love and never that of fear.

Human Thinking – If the words, thoughts and ideas you receive are derogatory, scary or totally negative making you feel depressed and sad that is definitely your own mind and not the Guides.

True Divine Guidance – Will give you a warm, comfortable feeling in your heart and gut. You might even feel butterflies in your tummy out of excitement.

Human Thinking – If your tummy hurts or is in knots, if your jaw tightens or if you feel palpitations and an anxiety of sorts, it’s definitely not divine guidance.

True Divine Guidance – Is always encouraging and has a motivating feel. You feel extremely happy, joyous and at peace when you receive it.

Human Thinking – If it demotivates or discourages you, makes you tense, agitated or  even sad, its your own mind at work.

True Divine Guidance – Is soft. You have to be quiet and calm to be able to clearly hear, see, feel it.

Human Thinking – Is always screaming out loud, so that you do not listen to spirit.

And last, but not the least…

True Divine Guidance – Even if not as per your wishes will  ALWAYS FEEL RIGHT!

Human Thinking – If it doesn’t feel right it is definitely the ego at work.

These are some of the basic ways to distinguish that I’ve tried to simplify for you. So the next time you are confused, go through this checklist to determine whether it is your ego or spirit that is dominant here.

This entire process involves getting in touch with yourself. It entails reconnecting to your deeper truths so that you gain a better awareness and understanding of who you are and what does and does not feel right to/align with you. We are all in fact a fragment of source, so source energy will speak to us through our entire being, which effectively means we have to connect with our entire being to connect with source.

Hope this has helped you.

God loves us all very much and always wants us to be happy. However, we just need to learn to hear him out and then believe and trust what we have heard and we will never go astray.

~ Shweta V.