The Dilemma of a Healer…

For all those who think that a healer is tough and healed and always happy and peaceful, here is a sneak peek into the truth of it all.

A healer is a person, who before incarnating on the planet, chose to learn tough life lessons, so that after having experienced the pain and turmoil themselves, they could better understand and help others when they go through similar experiences. That is who a healer is – someone who can empathise with what someone else is going through, because at some point in their soul’s journey, they have experienced it too!

When people say that “Oh but you are on this path, and hence you should be strong”, or, “You teach this to others, so you yourself should be able to do it”, let me tell you, that although a healer maybe aware of how things should be, it does not necessarily mean that he/she has mastered a way of doing it.

All of us, healers included are on a journey of constant learning. Just because a teacher teaches math, does not mean he/she can never make a mistake. Also, a teacher who teaches 4th grade math, may not be able to teach the math taught in engineering. So you will not hold that teacher to task and say, “But you are a teacher of math and you must know it”. No. She/he will also have to learn it to be able to teach someone else, but yes because she is into the subject she might just understand it a little better than others, or maybe not. Another way of looking at it is that a healer could be a 10th grade student helping or teaching an 8th or a 9th grade student. This is the 1st dilemma of healers. People forget that they are human too! If they were already healed, they would not incarnate and would ascend to become masters. So if you are on this plane, you are learning and evolving – healer or not!

The 2nd dilemma that healers face is that when they try to help or guide others, they are construed as arrogant or sometimes even a “Know-it-all”. Now some healers are too sensitive and feel bad about this, because one – they themselves need to learn that everyone is on their own path and two, all they desperately wanted to do was help someone so that they do not experience any pain and suffering. However, there are also many healers who are probably more ahead in their journey and understand that these people are on their own path and will only learn in their own time. They do not take offence neither do they feel bad.

The 3rd dilemma that a healer faces is the expectation that he/she should be able to withstand anything and everything. All kinds of energies no matter how toxic, it is expected that a person on a spiritual path should be able to deal with it. Ideally yes. But even the healer is on his/her journey and this kind of resilience may take time to develop. In the mean while it is absolutely legitimate and okay for the healer to not do/refrain or abstain from substances, situations and people that pose an energetic threat to them. When they do this, this society labels them as rude or A-Social. Again a lesson for healers who get affected by this – that they must do what feels right to them. They are answerable only to their own conscience and nobody else. Assertiveness is the key here.

The last dilemma in my mind is when they try to explain their previous decisions or opinions using spiritual concepts, so that others understand them better, they are told “stop using your spiritual badge as per your convenience to suit yourself and support your views and thoughts”. This is something like telling newton to stop using physics to prove his theories! All of us are on a spiritual path. That is the only truth. Some are aware of it while others are not. So it is like saying, “stop using the truth to support your views and thoughts”. 

My intention of writing this today, was only to clarify that healers are very human. They have gone through certain experiences for a cause – which is primarily to guide and help others who go through similar situations. They are not above or below anyone. Neither do they consider themselves ahead of or better than anyone (Although they are often misunderstood as thinking that way). They simply want to protect people from pain. Yes, one of the major things that many healers probably need to learn is, they can only guide people. How people receive their guidance or what people think about them is not their concern.

Each and every one of us has the ability to heal ourselves. We are all uniquely but equally gifted. Healers are like teachers who help you discover this truth within you. That’s all. And all this, while they are on their own journey of learning and self-discovery.

But through it all a healer is aware that anything that affects them requires them to look within, while many of us still look outside of us. This is the primary role of the healer – to let others know, that everything lies within and nothing lies without.

So the next time you come across a healer or empath, before placing your expectations upon them, remember they are also on a spiritual path, just like you.

Love n Light Always !

~ Shweta V

P.S. This article is most definitely not meant to offend anyone, it is intended to just help people understand each other better.