SOULLULAR is exactly what it sounds like: Soul + Cellular. SOULLULAR offers a host of alternative healing modalities in order to effect healing at every level of your being, hence the name “SOULLULAR.”

In keeping with our mission, the offerings here help you feel empowered by working through your subtler aspects such as thoughts and energy. This is an arena for you to foster a stronger connect with the divine within you. We act as a channel/medium to help you create and then strengthen this connect. SOULLULAR is all about empowerment, healing, transformation & evolution with the help of Divine Source Energy.

Angel Card Reading

Let your angels talk to you!


Angels are celestial beings who are God’s messengers. They perform God’s will by working closely with all of us. These angels are mentors and guides and are unconditional in their love for us and they help us navigate the earth plane.

Angel Card Reading is done using oracle cards to receive messages from your angels. We offer Health Readings, Career Guidance Readings, Love & Romance Readings and general overall readings as well.

If you are looking to seek answers pertaining to specific areas of your life such as romance, or career or health, then this would be a good option for you to consider.

Angel Therapy

Allow Angelic Energy to heal you.


Angel Therapy is a method in which we allow angelic guidance and energy to flow through us and on to you to bring about tremendous shifts and healing in various areas of your life.

You can miraculously transform your life by following through on the guidance you receive from them.

Angel therapy, although widely applicable, helps more specifically for health-related issues such as aches and pains, ailments, de-addictions, etc.

(Note: We are not medical doctors & the services we offer are by no means a substitute for medical advice and prescriptions. However, these services can be availed to complement your medical treatments.)

Tarot Card Reading

What does the future hold.


Tarot card reading is an ancient divination technique that offers insights into what has been and what will be. The modality, like everything else, adheres to the Law of Attraction and will give you the exact answers that you need to know at a particular time. This is an appropriate modality to go for, if one is seeking direct answers to very specific issues in their life.


Discover magic through numbers


Everything in the universe follows perfect symmetry. Nothing is out of balance. Everything is in perfect sync. What aspect of creation other than numbers could be more appropriate to express this arithmetic and geometric perfection that exists across time and space? Let our Numerologists help you unlock your true potential and sync yourself with the flow of the divine, through the help of numbers!

Past-life Regression therapy (PLRT)

Reconnect with forgotten parts of yourself.


We all face situations and circumstances in our present life, which may sometimes be hangovers from previous lives. The memories of these previous lives stay buried deep within our sub-conscious mind. PLRT is a technique to bring to the surface these memories so that issues can be healed and resolved at the source level, thereby revoking their adverse impact upon our current life. If you have any phobias or have an estranged relationship with a loved one or are experiencing any strange or unexplained unhealthy patterns in your life, you may want to explore if you bring this forward from a past life.


Seek Guidance from the Masters & Divine Deities.


This is a modality which entails offering guidance received directly from the divine. Masters and guides like Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman, Lord Jesus, Swami Samarth, the Archangels and few other Gods and Goddesses have been kind enough to generously offer help and guidance through us to many people.

All divine beings are mainly concerned with our spiritual growth and want to support our life’s purpose. They are ever willing to help and wait for us to ask them for guidance.

Guidance from the masters and guides can really be a way shower and can help you find your path. If you feel you are at crossroads in life or need to make some life changing decisions but are unsure and are getting the jitters, a conversation with the divine could greatly help!


Re-connect with your Loved ones who’ve crossed over.


Mediumship is the ability to connect to deceased loved ones. This greatly helps with healing grief, releasing fear associated with a departed loved one, making peace with your loved ones, if required, etc.  It is beneficial to both sides – the loved ones on earth as well as the being who has crossed over. So, if you feel called upon to connect to your departed loved ones just to ensure if they are okay, then you might want to avail of our mediumship offerings.

Space Clearing

Your space affects your pace


Spaces like everything have an energy of their own. When we spend too much time in a space – could be a home or office, we take on its energy and it takes on our energy. Under this offering, we undertake a thorough energetic cleansing and upliftment of the vibrations of the space with a view to removing obstacles that you may be facing and re-aligning the frequencies of the space to a level that is in your highest interest.

This is a good option to consider, if you experience chronic illness or financial issues or relationship discord in a particular space.

(Note: We are not Feng Shui or Vaastu experts & do not offer inputs pertaining to the same.)

Medical Intuition

Understand your Symptoms.

Medical Intuition is the ability to psychically scan someone’s body and diagnose the health status. This would be akin to an X-Ray or an MRI scan, which would help detect and locate health challenges if any. Since this is guided by the divine, this technique may also help in preventing health issues by serving as a well-timed alert.

(Note: We are not medical doctors & the services we offer are by no means a substitute for medical advice and prescriptions. However, these services can be availed to complement your medical treatments.)

Crystal Healing

Mother Nature’s best gift to us!


Who can underestimate the healing power of crystals? These gorgeous elementals are Mother Earth’s gift to us. Like everything, crystals too are energy and embody high frequencies. Every Crystal brings with it its unique attributes to help heal humans and animals. Crystals work with our auric bodies to bring about shifts at every level of our being – mental, emotional, energetic and physical. They are amazing companions and make for a great energetic support system.

Chakra Healing

Revitalise your Energy Centres!


Chakras are energy centres in our body that determine the health of our energy body and hence, the physical body. Working with the chakras can aid physical, mental and emotional healing. So, come and explore how managing these vibrant energy centres, helps you maintain overall health!

Pranic Healing

Let the Universal Life Force Heal You

Pranic Healing as the name suggests uses Life force “Prana” energy to bring about healing in various areas of your life. This technique is very gentle yet effective. This too like all other techniques aims to help you lead a happy and fulfilled life, however, it achieves this objective by making use of the Universal life force energy! It is an option worth considering for improving health, finances, relationships and for self-transformation and growth.