We want people to connect to their true self. This is possible only when they:

a) Identify with their challenges,

b) Accept their situation and

c) Are willing to bring about a change in their lives.


SOULISTIC offers services that help you:

  • to become aware of challenges
  • feel strong enough to accept them
  • feel empowered enough to deal with them in a healthy manner


Psychological Counselling

The well-being of our emotional health just like that of our physical health is extremely integral and requires equal, if not greater priority. There are unhealthy behavioral or emotional patterns that make us persistently feel like a victim. Unlike physical wounds, emotional wounds are difficult to locate and hence difficult to heal. These wounds continue to affect our day-to-day life without us realizing it and may surface and get exposed when a threatening situation arises.

Following are typical situations during which you may require counseling support:

  • When you are grieving: Loss of a loved one due to death, divorce or a break-up can be overwhelming. It may make one question one’s choices and existence itself. Counseling helps you in dealing with this pain and in getting back to life.
  • When you are feeling demotivated: Demotivation has its roots in issues with self-esteem, self-worth and perpetual suppression of emotions. Demotivation is a call for help from your true self. Counseling helps you get in touch with the real cause of demotivation and grow thereafter. Counseling can greatly help you feel worthy and deserving, whether it be at work or in relationships. Counseling helps in letting go of limiting thought patterns and beliefs.
  • Recurring Unhealthy experiences in relationships: Be it your relationship with spouses/partners, colleagues, friends, other social relations or even your relationship with yourself or with your own body; if you feel you are experiencing recurring negative patterns in your relationships, counseling can help you discover these patterns and figure out ways in which you can break them and experience healthy transformation.
  • When you perpetually experience extreme emotions like anger, worry, fear that seem to affect your day-to-day life: Counseling can help you release the pressure of these negative emotions.
  • If you experience social anxiety, panic attacks, unexplained fear that comes in the way of experiencing life fully: Counseling can help in dealing with these emotions effectively.

Holistic Life Coaching enables YOU to balance your MIND, BODY and SOUL. Our thoughts impact our feelings and create our reality. All of these have an impact on our body too. In fact, most of our physical ailments have a direct connection to our thoughts.

Holistic Life Coaching encourages YOU to:

  • Identify root-cause of the symptoms and challenges
  • Identify recurring patterns of YOUR THOUGHTS, FEELINGS & BEHAVIOUR
  • Create goals and plans for TRANSFORMING YOURSELF

Integrative Nutrition & Health Coaching

The focus of Integrative Nutrition goes beyond just nutrition and includes other areas of life such as healthy relationships, physical fitness, spiritual fitness and emotional fitness. Here you will work with an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. An Integrative Nutrition Health Coach is a guide and mentor who empowers you and provides ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness. Through Health Coaching, we will listen carefully and navigate the world of contradictory nutrition and health advice together to explore what truly works for you.


Together we will:


* Connect the dots between who you are and who you want to be

* Create your personal blueprint

* Decipher your body’s unique needs

* Set your personal goals and work towards sustainable changes

Benefits of SOULISTIC
Through our integrated holistic approach, you can expect the following benefits:


Our focus is on holistic health, and YOU DESERVE a COMPLETE PACKAGE of all the above-mentioned offerings. You can choose packages depending on the challenges you wish to address. You also have the option to choose the duration of your package (3, 6 or 9 months).

Claim Your Happiness
Joy & You
Balanced Life: Emotions, Food & You
Own Your Power
I to Us
Custom Package
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    Design Your Own Package
  • Duration : 3, 6 or 9


  • Physical fitness as a component is OPTIONAL under these packages. If you wish to sign up a Fitness Trainer through us, then that too can be done with an additional investment added to your overall package.
  • We also offer Medical check-up services at our end at an additional cost. Please talk to us if you need to do a medical check-up.
  • We have a STRATEGIC ALLIANCE with SRL Diagnostics (PAN India) to help you get your HEALTH SCREEN done. We have SPECIAL LIFESTYLE PACKAGES (Diabetes, Thyroid, Cholestrol, Kidney assessments, etc. – all under ONE REPORT) through SRL at affordable prices. Talk to us to get more information on these LIFESTYLE PACKAGES from SRL.