Self-Care Supersedes it all!

How many times have you napped a little extra or missed your workout or snoozed that alarm? Quite a few times right? And then many of us follow it up with guilt, stress and anxiety of not having been able to lived up to the routine/fulfilled certain responsibilities, etc.

Ever stopped to wonder, why did we nap extra or miss the gym? Its not always laziness, maybe its never laziness. It could be that our body is literally begging us to rest! How bad can it be to actually yield into its demands once in a way? I guess its reasonable! Also, logically speaking, if you give it the rest it deserves, it will reward you by energizing you enough to help you get more things accomplished in less time!

So the next time you slip into guilt or stress mode for having taken that well-deserved extra time out, think of it logically and you will be just fine!

Also ask the angels to help you do this for yourself in a stress-free manner, as and when required.  

Self-Care is a form of self-respect! And when YOU respect yourself is when others will respect you too!

Love n Light Always!

~Shweta V