Samira A. Masurekar

Co-Founder & Partner

My love for creativity enabled me to start my own venture called SAMAKSH CREATIONS after having spent 8 years of my life as a homemaker. As the Founder & Creative Head of Samaksh Creations I love creating memories and this passion gave me the idea to create a product list that would enable others to create memories. I believe that people will always end up creating memories for themselves and for their loved ones!

People also describe me as someone who enables them to find their own solutions in life. I have worked with quite a few people and enabled them to overcome their pain in life by getting them to connect with their pain and identify what they wish to achieve in life.

I have done my Bachelor’s in Commerce from Sathaye College and a Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation from Wellingkar’s Institute . I am also pursuing a certification in Psychological Counselling from the Institute of Holistic Mental Health, India. Apart from this I am also a Certified EQ Analyst.

I believe in the philosophy of abundance and have experienced it many a times in my life. Let us work together on creating abundance in all areas of your life!

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