Remember Who You Are..

My constant endeavor will remain to remind you of who you are and how powerful you are. You are here to live your unique energetic imprint. Don’t do what you are told to, only because you are told to! Think and feel. See if it feels right to you, and only and only if it does, should you then go ahead and do or say it.

You have no obligations whatsoever, except the ones you impose upon yourself to please others.

When you digress from being who you are meant to be, something inside you breaks and then you feel weak and victimized. Not feeling so is entirely in your own hands.

Own your power. You never were nor ever will be a Victim. Choose freedom. Respect your intellect. Trust what you feel. IT IS 100% ACCURATE! Don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise.

Don’t be a victim of the system. Be an all powerful 100% original YOU!

Love & Light Always!

~Shweta V