RefleXION lets you reflect on your thoughts, feelings and behavior. The word ‘Xion'(pronounced as ‘shion’) means “I won’t forget you” in Japanese. So, when you reflect on your thoughts and feelings you are looking deep within yourself to find who you truly are and remember your purpose in life.


Our workshops and events under RefleXION allow you to look deep within yourself to address various aspects of the self, such as:  self-worth, self-esteem, self-love & acceptance, self-belief & confidence.


Designing Your Life’s Story

We all are a part of a larger scheme of things. To find this scheme we first need to find out who we really are. Once we know that, we need to identify what our purpose in life is and then create a story to start working towards our purpose. Decision making becomes an essential part of this journey as it helps us create our story. Come be a part of a workshop that allows you to align with the most beautiful person on this planet – YOU!

Understanding the Human Software

Where do our thoughts come from? Why do we behave differently in different situations? Why do we like/dislike someone? Why do we keep facing the same challenges time and again? All of these have a common thread and the answer to these questions lie in our MIND which is a storehouse of memories and events across lives. This workshop helps you gain a deeper understanding of how our MIND functions and the steps you can take to CREATE a JOYFUL LIFE!

Life Between Lives – Understanding the Soul’s Plan

A traveler travels the world to fulfil his/her desire of seeing the entire world. He/she will make detailed plans to reach the destination – right from which route to take to what to see and where to stay. Taking this analogy forward, you the SOUL are a traveler who wishes to move from one life to another to achieve a specific purpose. Each one of US has come on this planet for a specific purpose – there is a PLAN. As soon as you land on this planet, you forget your purpose and the plan gets lost. It is essential that you unlock the code and find the plan. This workshop helps you do just that – declutter your mind, go back in time to find out essential details of your past life and decode your plan for the current life. Be the person you chose to be even before you landed here!

Intuition – Our Superpower

Everything is energy. The Earth plane, also known as the third dimension, is of a relatively dense energy. Our souls are at higher frequencies than the 3rd dimension and hence may find it difficult to adjust/adapt to the density of this planet. When we incarnate on earth, we are given certain tools which help us navigate this earth plane smoothly and maneuver through this density. One of the strongest tools is our INTUITION (Gut feeling). Yes, that very soft and gentle inner voice which we often discard as our imagination – that is our connect to the divine and our GPS on the planet. That is what keeps us on the right path, keeps us safe, acts as a guiding force. In this workshop, come and explore this superpower that we all have and learn how to trust it and use it for benefiting yourself as well as others.


RefleXION will also conduct events from time to time. Needless to say, like everything else at SAMAKSH-SoulWaters, our events are also completely divinely guided. We hope to reach out to and personally interact with more of you through our events, so that we get adequate time and opportunity to know and understand each other better. While our events would definitely be insightful, we also look forward to establishing a stronger bond with you through these!

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