Quit Making Excuses & Own Your Power!

Ever heard yourself making excuses for anything? I really want to but i can’t because i don’t have enough time, or i don’t have money, etc…etc…There is nothing that we really want to do but cannot. The law of attraction simply does not provide for this concept. 
However what actually does happen is that every moment we are always making choices, so we choose to do something over something else, based on our sense of priority  and what is of importance to us.
There is no right or wrong and good or bad. Everything is a choice. So the next time you find yourself beating yourself up for something you wanted to do, but couldn’t, remember you chose to do something else instead of it! So if you really want to do or say something choose it instead of something else. 
Align yourself! Own your power and align your choices with that which feels right to you for you!

Love & Light! 

~ Shweta V.