PAIN, DEPRESSION and FEAR – an Alternative Perspective
PAIN, DEPRESSION and FEAR – an Alternative Perspective

Do people understand the meaning and difference between Depression, Fear and Pain?  These THREE words are being used interchangeably and that needs to change.

PAIN is a feeling of sadness when you lose something or someone. It could with be a death of a loved one or losing your job or you failing in your venture. In reality, the absence of JOY and HAPPINESS is what creates PAIN in your life. It begins from your childhood— the same old messages passed on through generations determine your ability to face challenges and adversities in life. PAIN is NOT DEPRESSION.

FEAR is your inability to face the challenge or adversity. You feel helpless and it is this trait that forces you to give up in life. When FEAR is at its PEAK, a person may not be in the right frame of mind to listen to your solutions— yes the person needs help but not in the form of ‘talks’ some of you have been talking about. At this stage, the person just needs reassurance that you are there with him. No talks needed. FEAR is a VIRUS that needs to be eliminated. The new generation needs to be taught lessons about living fearlessly— give up on your older messages. For adults who are fearful— help them by being with them. Ensure you don’t indulge in small talks. FEAR has its limitations, when there is comfort the fear will subside and this is where you seek help of experts for the ones going through peaks of FEAR. You call it PANIC ATTACKS at times. Remember that when FEAR is at its PEAK, a person may push himself/herself to end his/her life. This is NOT DEPRESSION.

DEPRESSION is complete despair and a person lives in a state of TRANCE. At this stage, a person is incapable of doing anything- forget ending his/her life. It is during this stage, that a person needs comforting and love. Again, do not indulge in talks or sending the person for treatment. They need your support, do not get your fears or filters in between— it will make it even worse. Depression too has its limitations and through love, compassion and comfort you may get the person back to a semi-conscious state. Keep reassuring that you are there — do this through your actions and not words. Understand them and what they are going through. When they come back to the semi-conscious state — seek the help of an expert. Depression does not lead to suicide, inability to manage fears leads to suicide.

Again, understand the meaning of PAIN, DEPRESSION and FEAR. Do not use it loosely and stop categorizing each other. You can help people by giving up on your messages and judgements that create FEAR (in you and in others). Help them through LOVE, COMPASSION and COMFORT. Work from a non-judgmental space and you will soon be in a position to help this planet reduce DEPRESSION and FEAR.

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