Observe, Don’t Judge..

The most difficult thing for the human mind to do is observe something without judging it. We are so conditioned to instantly form opinions such as right/ wrong..good/ bad…that we forget that our opinions and judgements are a reflection of us and have nothing to do with that which is being observed and subsequently judged. Else everyone would have had the same opinion on a particular thing. But it isnt so…
Because everyone has their own sense of right and lives by that. And this sense of right does not have to be right for anyone else!
So the best thing to do..is see what inside us forces us to go beyond oberving, and to then correct that for our own peace of mind..because frankly our opinions and judgements of others are our business just the way their opinions of us are their business and have nothing to do with us!!
So lets do ourselves and entire consciousness a favor and shift back from judging to just observing…everything and everyone just as is! Let’s stay with that which agrees with us and let go of that which doesnt..Should we choose to adopt this approach our lives will be so much happier and peaceful and then there will be so much more peace in the world as well!!

Love n Light!

~Shweta V.