Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya!

Dear people, this is your KANHA speaking. You address me by various names but I love to be addressed as KRISHNA. Today I speak to you through my child – AKSHAY. This boy has been an introvert since his childhood and always enjoyed being in his own company. Until the age of 40 he lived in FEAR which impacted his consciousness and today I speak to you about MINDFULNESS and CONSCIOUSNESS through him. He is yet to understand the concept of  CONSCIOUSNESS and MINDFULLNESS but he will get there soon!


There are many experts on this topic on your planet and I am proud of the work they have been doing so far. They have been teaching millions of you and helping you become mindful and/or conscious. MINDFULNESS and CONSCIOUSNESS are two sides of the same coin. This is a topic of great interest today, but the ones who are learning and implementing it are doing it merely because they have been asked to do it or are trying to seek answers to their questions. It is essential that you understand the difference between MINDFULNESS and CONSCIOUSNESS.


CONSCIOUSNESS is being conscious of who you are, it is the ability to know your strengths and your shortcomings from a non-judgmental space. CONSCIOUSNESS allows you to accept yourself as is – there are no barriers associated with that ACCEPTANCE. You are aware of what you are doing and what you are not. You know when to draw the line and when not to. CONSCIOUSNESS brings in the INNER PEACE you have been trying to find throughout your LIFE. The PEACE that you seek to find through others lies within you. CONSCIOUSNESS makes you what you had intended to be and lets you walk on the path you have chosen for yourself. I have heard many of you say that you feel lost in life or you have nothing else left to do in life. It hurts me when my children say this. You have chosen to be on this planet to fulfill your purpose. You have lived your life in FEAR and did things based on what others expected you to do. Perhaps, you were taught that by doing this you were being conscious of what you intended to do. No, that is not CONSCIOUSNESS. To reach the stage of CONSCIOUSNESS, you need to first be aware of what is happening inside you, be aware of all that has happened so far in your life and try and connect to that part of you that chose to be on this planet. You will be able to connect to yourself deeply only when you RELEASE all those thoughts and feelings that you have been carrying deep inside you for years. The process of CONNECTING to your thoughts and then RELEASING those thoughts is MINDFULNESS.


MINDFULNESS  is the first step you need to achieve to reach the CONSCIOUS stage. It is a deep work that you need to do on yourself. Meditation is one of the techniques to achieve MINDFULNESS. My technique of meditation is different and you could choose to follow it if it meets your needs.

  • All you need is a quiet place.
  • Close your eyes and take two deep breaths
  • Decide on a slot every day to focus on releasing your thoughts and try to do it every day during that slot
  • When you begin to meditate – do not focus on anything or try to control anything. Let your thoughts flow – it could either be fearful thoughts, happy thoughts, negative thoughts, devious thoughts or any other thoughts that cross your mind. Do this for of 15-20 mins every day. Once you are done releasing your thoughts for the day, make a note of all the thoughts that crossed your mind in a journal. PRACTICE this technique for 21 days initially – you will see a pattern in your thoughts. DAY 22 onwards, you will find yourself to be calmer – yes, thoughts will flow but the intensity of your thoughts will be lower. As you practice this daily, you will find yourself becoming calmer and gradually become CONSCIOUS of your thoughts.

I am not asking you to jump on to this and follow the BANDWAGON. Close your eyes and ask yourself if you are ready to invest time on yourself. Be honest with your answer – if there is even a slight doubt in your mind then push your decision ahead. There is a time for everything. Do things only if you feel like doing it. Merely by practicing MEDITATION because people have asked you to will not yield any results for you. Your INNER WILL MATTERS – it is your FREE WILL! Remember you chose to be on this PLANET for your OWN PROGRESSION and not for someone else’s. Making this CHOICE too is called as CONSCIOUS choice.

I will talk about how you can connect with yourself more in the days to come. Until then, try to read this message and understand the essence and meaning behind every word. If you have any questions, reach out to AKSHAY and he will seek answers through me. BE WHO YOU ARE!

                                                                                                                                                                                                               received from Lord Krishna

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