Our coaching methodology focusses on 4 pillars- Heal, Nurture, Achieve and Grow. The client is responsible for setting and achieving the goals and we act as a catalyst throughout the process - helping the client connect to the goals and future state, encourage and push the client to do his best, get the client to create metrics for measuring success, track progress by drawing comparisons between current state and past state and finally getting the client to define the new state!


Connect with SELF: your Strengths, Beliefs, Values, Achievements and Focus Areas


  • what is it that you want to do? What is stopping you? Do these have any connection to their past? What will happen once you overcome these challenges?
  • In what way do these challenges impact your goals?
  • What will happen if these goals aren't met
  • Which goals do you want to achieve?


  • Create a FUTURE STORY
  • PAMPER yourself when you achieve success (BIG or SMALL WINS)
  • Create Affirmations (READ/RECORD/LISTEN)


  • Set goals for next 3 months (that talk to your future story)
  • Set Focus goals (that talk to you primary goal)
  • Track progress on a Daily/Weekly basis


  • Review progress on goals (Mid-Transformation Review and a Final Transformation Review)
  • Track your progress with respect to your story
  • Convert Vision into Reality

Three Milestones

Three MILESTONES of the Coaching journey


Discovery session

Discovery session: will be for a duration of 1.5 hours. Mainly to understand goals you wish to set, challenges faced and steps you will take to overcome these challenges and achieve your goal(s) in life


Design plan

Design plan: based on your responses I will design a plan for you that may be for a period of 4 months (8 sessions), 6 months (12 sessions) and 9 months (18 sessions)


Progress Review

Progress Review: we will review your progress twice during your coaching journey with us. We will call it the Mid-Transformation review (recommend a nice name) and the Final Transformation Review (recommend a nice name)

Assessments and Tools for coaching sessions

As a part of our coaching sessions we use a few personality assessments to help you get a better understanding of yourself. Apart from this we promote the development of inner skills through tools like affirmations and visualization.


  • DISC
  • DiSC is a personality assessment that talks about how four DiSC factors, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance predict your behavior towards others and the everyday things you do. Quite a few organizations have used this assessment for recruitment and developmental purposed. This assessment can also be used at a personal level for improving relationships.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • This assessment is a measure of our emotional intelligence that indicates how well we are able to manage our emotions and impact of the same on our relationships with others. This has not only helped organizations create a team of mindful individuals but also helped many individuals become better at managing their life, career and relationships.


  • Visualization and Affirmations
  • These are some of the most powerful tools that we use for developing your inner skills. One of the ways to create a better life is to eliminate all the negative thoughts that are currently occupying your mind space. Visualization and Affirmation are extremely effective in bringing about a positive change in your life. In our sessions, we will get you to visualize a positive state, write down your positive state in the present tense and then get you to read it out aloid to yourself on a daily basis. Our tools and techniques are based on Louise Hay’s work of the Law of Attraction and we focus on getting our clients to love themselves and enable them to lead a life they wish to.

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