METAMORPHOSIS is a Greek word that means TRANSFORMATION. In the biological world of insects, butterflies and moths develop through a process called ‘Metamorphosis’. There are FOUR stages in the metamorphosis of Butterflies and Moths: Egg, Larva, Pupa and Adult.

Taking this analogy forward, we too believe in the process of DEVELOPING LEADERS through METAMORPHOSIS. Our process also focuses on FOUR STAGES of DEVELOPMENT.


This is the stage where we help organizations identify leaders for their business through our Assessment and Development Centers managed by our panel of experts. It is a rigorous process where we:

  • Understand needs and business context of the organization
  • Spend time on getting a deeper sense of the organization culture
  • Assess current state of their leadership levels
  • Recommend relevant leadership assessments for assessing capabilities of leaders
  • Select and identify Hi-Po leaders for leadership positions through assessments, case study discussions and competency-based interviews.


  • DISC assessments
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Trimetric Assessments
  • 360-degree feedback (based on the organiztion)
  • Chally Assessments
  • Enneagram Assessment


The identified Hi-Po’s go through a series of recommended learning interventions to build their leadership capabilities. They could be signed up for a combination of the following:


  • 1:1 Leadership coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Leadership Development workshops
  • On-The-Job assignments


This is the stage where Hi-Po’s are expected to implement their learnings on the job. We will handhold them through their transition through the above-mentioned learning and development interventions and a series of 1:1 discussions with them to track their progress. The Transition stage is the most crucial stage of their development as they will explore various facets of their capabilities and encourage each other to go beyond their capacity to become better leaders. Hi-Po’s are expected to be under the LARVA and PUPA stage for at least 90 DAYS.


  • Handhold leaders
  • Fortnightly calls – with the team (discuss progress)
  • Shadow them for meetings (OPTIONAL)
  • Once a month (2 hours) – calls to discuss emotions and give them tools to overcome fears


As the title suggests, your Hi-Po’s are ready to run the show. They will be able to drive your people and business forward. They would be able to formulate your vision, make decisions, set goals and hold self and their people accountable for achieving the desired business goals. We will support the group of Hi-Po’s by having half day follow-up meetings once a month for the next 90 days. The purpose will be to track their progress, gauge their challenges and empower them to solve those challenges.


  • Take on role independently
  • Create plans/vision/strategy
  • Buy-in from leaders/plans/vision/strategy