How Does it Work?

STEP 1: First Contact

STEP 2: Diagnosis Stage

  • We will meet the sponsor of the project (e.g. CHRO, CFO, CEO, etc) to understand challenges in greater detail.
  • Another meeting will be scheduled to understand the business context and the culture of the organization
  • We will then conduct STAKEHOLDER INTERVIEWS to get a 360-degree perspective on the challenges

STEP 3: Design Stage

  • We will DESIGN solutions based on the DIAGNOSIS.
  • Recommended solutions and commercials will be signed off by the sponsor
  • Project Plan with dates and details will be created with METAMORPHOSIS stages

STEP 4: Implementation Stage

  • Identified Hi-Po’s will be handheld throughout the journey (90 DAYS)Post-completion support will be provided to Hi-Po’s for another 90 days to track progress and help them take charge.

STEP 5: Completion Stage

  • Leaders to be reassessed on their capabilities after 180 days to track overall growth and transformation.