Message from Lord Shiva

This year for Mahashivratri, I thought of asking the lord himself for messages for us. This is what he says –

“Om Namah Shivay,

Greetings dear ones. I am Shiva, fondly called by various names such as Mahadev, Bholenath and many more…

Today I was requested by this medium to come forth with messages for you on this day of Mahashivratri. And since, like all guides, I always have messages for humanity, I gladly obliged. It is an honor for me to offer guidance and help people so that they can lead smooth lives on this earth plane.

Today I want to speak of Fear and Power. I have spoken of fear before, nonetheless I am back with the same message yet again as there is a pressing need to address, heal and release this emotion appropriately. Also, when it comes to power, this term is often misunderstood and so I am going to clarify this concept for you.

Fear as we know it, is illusory. It is not real, however because of the role it has to play in your spiritual growth, it has to feel real. The objective is for you to realize this and transcend it. Do not shun parts of you that feel fear or are afraid. Instead, embrace them. Respect them, talk to them, cajole them and encourage them to replace that fear with courage and faith. In current times, humanity feels that feeling fear is justified. A lot of what you are experiencing in your reality is a result of the fear you house. If a major proportion of your race, holds on to this emotion, what kind of a world do you think you will manifest and create outside of you? Of course the kind that breeds more fear! That is the simple law of attraction. You all know this by now. So my first piece of advice to you would be to release this fear. There are many ways in which you can do this. But before that, there has to be an awareness of the existence of such fear, which I have created already. Then there has to be an acceptance and understanding of the concepts I am presenting to you here, followed by the willingness to release the fear. Once these steps have been accomplished, the methods for releasing fear will present themselves to you, because the universe will respond to your frequency to want to release this fear. So do think about this seriously; since the planet is ascending and all such third-dimension energies are being shed and left behind. It would do you good to join in with this ascension process.

Now I shall speak of Power. Many people confuse power with greed or arrogance. This concept has been tweaked and manipulated by humanity for the sake of convenience. Today I shall present this concept in a different light. Power as we know it in higher realms, is the ability to be aware, to accept and to completely own who you are and act from that part of you which connects directly to source. That is true power. It allows you to be you without hesitation or without being apologetic about it. Now let me clarify, I do not mean that humans can be selfish, harm others and then claim to be powerful. NO! I mean humans should check with their inner gauge of “What feels Right to them” and have the courage to strictly adhere to that without feeling the need for any validation or approval from others. When humans live from their true power, they are their true authentic selves which is how it was originally divinely intended. When they give their power away, they are no longer themselves, rather they are just a  clone of someone else; and there is no space for redundancy in the universe. When they abuse their power they create karma, which then of course triggers the law of cause and effect.

So the idea is to own your power. Be who you are. Be in alignment with yourself and that will be your biggest gift/offering or form of worship to the divine.

We want you to recognize and worship the divine within you. You are a fragment of source energy. Acknowledge the light within and take measures everyday to make that light shine brighter. That is what will bring you closer to source.

Should you ever need us, just call upon us as helping and guiding humanity  has always been an honor for us.

For now I shall give to you a gift  – my trident. Anytime you feel guided to, just imagine holding it and it will help you overcome your fear and will also give you the courage to own your power!

Blessings to all!

Om Namah Shivay!”

Channeled by Shweta V.

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