It’s All About Loving Yourself!
It’s All About Loving Yourself!

Do you find yourself:

1) Having mental fights with someone either at work or while driving/travelling or at home?

2) Eating spicy food (that causes heartburn)

3) Getting angry when driving

4) Pleasing others

5) Being self-critical about your body shape and size

6) Not speaking up for yourself

7) Having a hard time saying NO!

8) Giving priority to others

9) Cancelling your plans to accommodate someone elses plans

10) Constantly worrying about things

11) Being anxious throughout the day

12) Overeating

13) Being distracted by multiple thoughts and then resorting to social media either at work or home?

14) Attracting negative people and situations in life

If you are doing any or all of the above then my friend you aren’t loving yourself as much as you should be. It is very easy to think about others and be there when needed. Yes, it does make us a nice person but if we do not give ourselves the love and respect we deserve then how can we expect others to love and respect us?

Do you want to start loving yourself and lead a life that you deserve? If you have answered YES to this question, then you just need to follow these three simple techniques. These will allow you to love yourself more often and enable you to lead a peaceful life!

# 1 Mirror, Mirror: every morning spend a few minutes in front of the mirror. Observe yourself from a non-judgmental position – this will free you up from any negative thoughts or images that you may have created about yourself. Read these affirmations aloud while looking into the mirror:

I am honest.

I am brave.

I can.

I am accepted.

I am protected.

I breathe.

(Affirmations courtesy: Almas Merchant – Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner, Psychotherapist and Practicing Hypnotist)

# 2 Learn to SAY NO! if you have been a “YES MAN” throughout your life then it may be extremely difficult for you to switch sides. You need to take baby steps and learn to say no as and when possible. This doesn’t mean that you say no to everything and everyone. What this means is that if there is something that puts you under a lot of pressure then you have every right to SAY NO! Remember if you do not respect your life, your time and your emotions then others too will not care about you! Before jumping to any conclusion or making any decision, always think about how something may affect you emotionally. For instance, if you are surrounded by toxic relatives and if you wish to exclude them from your party or if you wish to avoid going for a party that has such people then just SAY NO! Respect yourself and your emotions!

# 3 Speak your mind! if you felt hurt or did not agree with the views presented by others then do share your thoughts and feedback with others. For someone who has been a people pleaser, this may not come easily. You will have to push yourself to speak your mind. Again, take baby steps and share your thoughts confidently. Ensure that you aren’t venting out – there is a huge difference between venting out and speaking your mind. Venting out is nothing but transference of anger on someone else. I am talking about giving feedback or sharing your feelings about something that you don’t like or disagreed with.

Try practicing these at your end and feel free to share your experiences and thoughts with me.

Always remember that it is important to love yourself – if you wish to be respected and loved by the people around you then start loving yourself first. Your healing process begins only after you start loving yourself! Because YOU deserve the best things in life!

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