It Hurts but it Helps!

As the adage goes “No Pain, No Gain”. I personally do not agree with this (even though that is how it really happens – Practically speaking), because pain is something we choose to feel in response to what unfolds around us (which again is nothing but a projection of what is happening inside us – concentric circles here). 
Anyways, but not all of us are always strong enough to remember this when things get rough. If there is something inside of us that needs to leave us, we, through our thought energy, will create situations outside of us that will help bring that particular emotion, thought or feeling to the surface – it could be anger, resentment, jealousy, guilt, attachment, anything. At this time when our “self-created” stimulus plays a mirror, what we could ideally do is pause, breathe, acknowledge it and reflect. But we end up fighting the reflection because we do not like what we see. More than the reflection, it is this fight that feels painful. And it continues till we realize and acknowledge the truth, and then release that which doesn’t serve us. 
It may hurt, but eventually it helps. It helps our growth, our learning our progression our ascension. All part of the journey. Sometimes painful shocks are required to throw us back on our path and help us grow. So never quit, or give up hope when things feel challenging. These so called “challenges” are only helping us clear our mirror! 😉 

Love n Light Always!

~Shweta V.