How Does it Work?

When you sign up with us as an individual client, you would be taken through these 9 SIMPLE STEPS mentioned below:

  • Whether you contact us through our website or phone call, you will have to fill up the CONTACT FORM so that we have some basic details about you.
  • Your basic details will be KEPT CONFIDENTIAL and shared only with your facilitator.
  • We will call you (phone/Zoom call) to understand your concerns and current set of challenges.
  • Based on the challenges, we will recommend specific interventions that will enable you to move forward on your transformational journey.
  • You will be signed up as a client with SAMAKSH-SoulWaters
  • Based on the intervention, you can choose the facilitator you wish to work with (in case of SOULLULAR) and/or choose the package and duration (in case of SOULISTIC).
  • After choosing the facilitator/ package, you will be required to make an advance payment.
  • In case of SOULLULAR services, you will have to make 100% payment in advance.
  • For SOULISTIC packages, you can pay us the first installment in advance and the balance can be paid in the second month.
  • Once the payment is made, you will be introduced to your facilitator.
  • Our approach for SOULLULAR and SOULISTIC is different.
  • SOULLULAR: Depending on the modality you select; you will undergo at least 3 sessions with the facilitator.
    The frequency of these sessions will be discussed and decided mutually by you and the facilitator.
  • SOULISTIC: Depending on the package and duration you choose; you will undergo a specific set of sessions with your Holistic Life Coach/Counselor and Integrative Health Coach. They will discuss your case internally and create an integrative plan to help you TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.
  • In case of SOULLULAR services, SAMAKSH-SoulWaters team will connect with you after 15 days to check-in on your progress.
  • On the SOULISTIC packages, the team will check-in on your progress after every 30 days.
  • The purpose is to be in touch with YOU to get a sense of your well-being and comfort on your transformational journey with us.
  • We would love to hear your experience with us after you have used our services.
  • This will help us help you better!