Grand Hyatt, Goa = GRAND EXPERIENCE!
Grand Hyatt, Goa = GRAND EXPERIENCE!

I have been to many 5-star properties but my experience with Grand Hyatt, Goa was out of this world! An experience that I had only read about in books (experiences given by Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons).

My wife Samira and I spent 4 nights and 5 days at Grand Hyatt, Goa (Bambolim) from Jul 5-Jul 9. We were expecting it to be like any other 5-star property but what followed after that was mind boggling. An attendant took us to the personalized check-in counter where we were greeted by Priyam K S (Guest Experience Manager). The payment process at the check-in was seamless and then we were taken on a mini tour of the property. We were happy to know that we could go to any of the restaurants for our meals (since meals were a part of our package). Now, this was a surprise to us because all other 5-star hotels usually have a fixed restaurant for all their meals (especially for those with meal packages).

The room was beautiful and had a direct access to the pool outside. Every day, the housekeeping staff would refill the fruit plate and would also fold towels into various shapes (swan, elephant, etc.). They would offer clean-up service twice in a day. Another example of superexcellent service – who does this on a daily basis? What encourages them to do their job so well?

We had a wide range of options to choose for our dining – The Verandah (authentic Italian restaurant), The Dining Room (multi-cuisine restaurant and we made this our regular breakfast joint), Chulha (as the name suggests this is a typical Indian restaurant offering authentic Mughlai and Indian cuisine) and Capiz Bar (an ideal place to hang out with your loved ones).

We loved The Verandah for the lovely experience – we decided to go there thrice during our stay. On our last evening, Rajesh made it really special for us by setting it up like a private dinner in the open corridor. Needless to say that our food was outstanding (thanks to Chef Rana)! At The Dining Bar the Chef (Chef Shubo) ensured that we tasted the pastries of the day and also customized the salads for us. The team at the Capiz Bar (Vishnu, Manju and Aryan) actually started having conversations with me. Now again, for me this was unexpected because typically at a bar, the bartender or the Team lead would never engage in a conversation. I was thoroughly impressed!

The entire team was living their customer-centric culture and focused on making it special for all their customers. What goes behind creating this magical experience. My wife and I wanted to understand the people who were behind all of this so decided to meet Priyam and he was kind enough to share the reasons behind their magical experience.

Masterstroke: Alignment of Employee engagement strategy with Customer Experience strategy
Grand Hyatt, Goa offers a 5-day work week to their employees. Every employee goes through a series of training every month to enhance the customer experience. They have a reward and recognition happening almost on a daily basis and share it over a WhatsApp. Be it a direct feedback received from a customer or recognition done by the team lead or supervisor. The hotel was generous enough to make a huge restaurant at the basement only for the staff. It was one of its kind – the interiors reflected the culture of Goa to make employees feel at home and had a large buffet for the entire staff. This was one place where everyone was equal! They were so proud to have this restaurant just for themselves!

Grand Hyatt, Goa has created a benchmark for all other 5-star hotels by aligning their employee engagement strategy with their customer experience strategy and the results were outstanding! We are definitely going back to this property next year because our search for excellence ends at Grand Hyatt, Goa. They believe in making everything GRAND!

Note: I am passionate about helping organizations, hotels and other service providers enhance their service mindset. I was proud to have met these customer experience champs at Grand Hyatt and they were kind enough to allow me to mention all of it in my blog! Thanks Priyam and team for the lovely experience you guys created for us! See you soon!

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