“This is GERMAIN! I am here to talk to you about KARMA. Firstly, I want you to know that this concept is embedded deep within the intricacies of the universe and will not be easily grasped by all at once. So, I am going to speak about it at a very superficial and base level, for this first introductory message.

KARMA as you know it is nothing but the law of CAUSE AND EFFECT. Of course, subject to certain principles, but more on that later. Human beings often use KARMA so casually without understanding the deeper implications of such casual usage. KARMA is not necessarily bad. However, it carries a charge, a weight an energy that is high in magnitude. Let me explain KARMA to you by way of a simple example –

Say you share a not so very pleasant equation or experience with someone – anything from that person, may result in you thinking certain things about them – the minute this thought gets formed, Karma begins to take shape, however, it is not yet potent. It gathers momentum when you choose an emotion to match these thoughts that came to you. For e.g. if you choose to feel angry, now your KARMA is full-fledged in motion. Add to this the deed you perform with the emotion of anger and intention to get back at someone. So now it all started with a thought, gathered momentum with the emotion you chose to feel with that thought and got sealed as a karmic action by the final choice of deed/words/intention you held post that emotion. This entire package holds a charge an energetic charge. When you throw it at someone, depending on how strong the other person is, this energetic charge will impact them accordingly – someone emotionally weak might totally crumble, while someone else who is emotionally strong may deflect your charge. That being said, what will come back to you as karma will not be the exact same thing or deed that you threw out at someone. What will come back to you is anything that will carry the same energetic charge in terms of magnitude.

So for e.g. if you sent out RAGE + Intention to hurt = Other person suffered greatly emotionally. What will come back to you as karma in this case would then be something that would cause you the same kind of emotional suffering. Need not be through someone’s rage or anger, could be through any other mode. So please understand that Karmic payback is not about if “I kill you, you kill me” or then “I cheat you, you cheat me”, NO! It can be but not necessarily. It is about karmic balancing of energies which means energetic balancing. The net energy of what is out there due to an action (backed by emotion + intention) initiated by you, will come back to you in equal magnitude for karmic balancing.

This channel wants me to simplify this – so anything that will cause you the same kind of emotional charge – (i.e. the same amount of hurt & pain) that the other person felt because of YOUR actions, will come back to you. Say if you would feel this kind of hurt through someone cheating you, then it would come back to you through that mode and not necessarily through someone’s RAGE. Hope this helps! Ohh Shweta! People will understand, stop worrying so much!

Taking the same example of someone emotionally strong –

Say you send out RAGE+INTENTION to hurt = The other person is very strong and deflects it off. What comes back to you is the energetic charge of your own rage and anger that you sent out, as that is the net energetic balance out there in the universe.

This applies to karmas with a positive charge as well.

This channel is hesitant to send out this message as she feels that it is too complex for people to understand. I agree, it is. But read it a few times and you will understand it. Should you have any questions, reach out to Shweta, she has understood it.

We will speak more on this gradually. This is information that needs to be digested in bite sized pieces. This may seem complex initially, however, you will slowly understand this better, with time and with us speaking to you more often on this.

For now, just mind your mind. Watch your thoughts, observe them, see what emotions and intentions follow these thoughts. Don’t worry about karmic consequences now, as you have been part of the karmic cycle for eons now and have been doing reasonably well. This is a concept which you already are aware of. It was time for us to make you aware of the mechanism of karmic cycle, so that you become consciously aware of your thoughts and deeds and start taking steps to increase the positive karmic charge in the universe as well as in your life!


~As Received from Germain

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