Ganesh on Abundance & Manifestation
Ganesh on Abundance & Manifestation

“Om Namah Shivaay, Namaskaar. It’s me Ganesh. I am back today to speak to you about ABUNDANCE AND MANIFESTATION. The last time round I had introduced you to the concept of manifestation. It is time you gained a deeper understanding of this.

Firstly, I want you to start training your mind to stop equating abundance to money. You are literally pulling down the vibration of the term abundance and confining it to something so tangible and finite. I don’t blame you – your earthly experiences force you to believe that money is the most important resource you can possess. That is not true. We do not deny that to survive on this planet you require money – but that is what it is – a requirement, a need to survive. You must have the faith in the universe and in divine consciousness that if we can guide you and help you, would we not be able to ensure that your requirements are met? Would we not try and make the path easy for you, so you can only focus on your purpose? However, you must understand, that your attachment to money stems out of fear – fear of not having enough of it, fear of losing it! And fear doesn’t align with your core, neither with us nor with the divine will of the universe. So then forget about money, whatever else that you need as well, gets blocked by your own fears. You struggle to make money, because you feel you will not have enough. STOP! Imagine this – if someone holds on so tightly to you in a relationship, trying to completely control you and literally not letting you breathe freely, for how long would you stay in such a relationship? Food for thought isn’t it? It’s the same with money if you hold on to it too tightly, I don’t need to now explain to you what will happen! Because don’t forget, everything including money is energy and no one and nothing likes being confined and held tightly especially in the grip of fear. There is just no vibrational match!

Which then brings me to – So then how does one improve their relationship with money? – Well, understand that money is a fraction of what can truly make you feel whole and complete and that is abundance in all its forms and might! Abundance comes in many forms – abundance of time, love, health, peace, joy – these are all forms of abundance and are all equally valuable, money included. For instance, abundance of health (physical, mental and emotional) can help you think straight and would prompt the right decisions – thereby getting you an abundance of love (relationship decision) or even money (career decisions). This is a very base level example I gave for you to understand the concept

of abundance! Please do not constrict it. It is infinite from our perspective. When you limit it, you essentially also limit how much of it will you receive – and then that is perpetuated by greed, anger, frustration and more fear, and how can I forget – the ultimate victim card thrown at us – “WHY IS GOD DOING THIS TO ME?” Firstly, there are only masters, no GOD. However, that is a discussion for another time.

So, I want you to understand your own role in MAN-I-FEST-ing your reality. It’s not us, it’s all YOU. If you want abundance, then change your definition of abundance. All these elements time, health, love, peace, etc. can all be tweaked and played around with to manifest the other. For e.g. you can ask for abundance of time and peace and that can easily give you an abundance of health and money as well! Learn to live the entire concept. We want to give you the world, but you only want one sq. inch of the entire landscape that we want to offer to you. Think about this! Understand this and take the steps needed to expand yourself and sync in with the infinity of the universe. Move beyond your constrains and finiteness, only you can do this for you, that is why I called it MAN-I-FEST!”

~As received from Ganesh

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