Om Namah Shivaay! This is GANESH – an energy of Abundance, Prosperity and Wisdom. You call me as the GOD of Abundance, Prosperity and Wisdom. I am NO GOD – in fact the concept of GOD does not exist. We all are energies and you all are a part of our energy.

I am here today to talk about your misconceptions about MANISFESTATION and ABUNDANCE. I am also here to talk about ELENA. ELENA has my energies and through her I will have a larger role to play in SAMAKSH CREATIONS. SAMAKSH CREATIONS will be the epitome of PEACE, HARMONY and LOVE. I also have a larger role to play through SAMAKSH-SoulWaters and SAM-AYUSH. This medium was hesitant to mention this due to his fears. I told him that it is not YOU who is driving these things – we got you all together and it is us who are bringing about a MASS AWAKENING through you all. The first step of bringing a MASS AWAKENING is to break some of the myths you all are having. Again, we are not judging you for having those myths – just be aware of it from a non-judgmental space.

People have myths about everything – emotions, love, personality types, manifestation and abundance. You pray to me every day and celebrate me in a BIG way every year. I love you unconditionally. Let me tell you that the ability to manifest your dreams and desires is not because of your prayers or not because of me. You are able to MANIFEST things because you have the innate power to MANIFEST and fulfill your dreams. Yes, some of you may not be able to manifest it by the timeline that you may have asked for – do not be disheartened because everything falls in place when the time is right and we only decide the right time for you. So the next time you pray to me – remember that the power to manifest and create abundance is in YOU and I am just there to facilitate the entire process for you. REMEMBER – there is NO GOD! We all are ENERGIES and you know us as MASTERS. More on this later. For now, believe in your ability to manifest.


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