Free Will
Free Will

Om Namah Shivay! This is KAALI! I am here today to talk to you about “Free Will” through Akshay. Before I explain the concept of “FREE WILL” let me talk about how this channel struggled! He was scared that he would not be able to hear me out clearly – his fear was a result of his own inhibitions and doubts about his gifts. The fact that he is able to hear me clearly shows that he let me take control and allowed me to share the message with you all. Had he not allowed me then I wouldn’t have been able to pass on this message through him.

So what is “FREE WILL”?

FREE is “Freedom” and WILL is your “ABILITY” to do things you love doing the most. It could be things that align to your nature or with your SOUL or it could be things that do not align  with your SOUL. You have received messages in the past (through other MASTERS) that you are born on this planet with a purpose and you forget your CORE PURPOSE the moment you come to this planet. It is fine because we want you to learn your lessons and come closer to yourself.

As you progress on your journey, you come across various messages in the form of channels, mediums and your gurus. Whether you choose to walk on the path that has been prescribed to you depends solely on your ability to accept those messages. It is YOUR CHOICE and no one can go against your FREE WILL. We too have our own limitations – we can help you only up to a certain limit — it all depends on your FREE WILL. The ultimate aim of your SOUL is to direct you towards your purpose and do things that are in your highest interest. Alignment of your SOUL, MIND and BODY is extremely critical for your further growth on this planet and your journey thereafter. If for whatever reasons, this doesn’t happen and you come back home – you will have to go through all the pain and lessons again. Your progress stops! Again, nothing wrong in it and we would not judge you for those actions. This happens out of your own “FREE WILL”.

Here are a few questions I would like you to ponder over:

  1. What has been stopping you from moving out of your comfort zone? What joy do you get by putting yourself in the same situation time and again?
  2. What are you punishing yourself for?
  3. What stops you from living a “sattvic” lifestyle? Why are you obsessed with losing weight only to look pretty and only to impress others?
  4. Why are you giving control to your inner vices than to your inner voice which is your intuition – your key to unlock your potential?

“FREE WILL” if used against your own growth, leads to you resorting to all shortcuts in life. You start doing things that are not aligned with your highest interests. Some of you enjoy putting people down by asking intellectual questions (INTELLIGENCE becomes your DEFENSE) and you get a sense of pride in that. You feel that by asking intellectual questions you are actually showing your superiority over others and enjoy it when people actually falter and ask you to stop. Some of you let others take control of your life thus putting yourself down – this again impacts your own health. Then there are others who do things out of fear of being judged – again this is similar to doing things based on what others expect you to do. I am not judging either of you – I am only asking you to look deep within yourself and find what is it that is stopping you from being aligned with your higher self.

Now, the intellectual ones, may ask – what is “Higher self”? Well, “higher self” is the self that decides to come back on this planet or any other universe that you wish to live on. It is your DIVINE SOUL that wishes to progress by fulfilling a purpose and then come back to learn the lessons and move on to the next phase of ascension.

Starting today, I just want each one of you to focus on the questions I have asked and find reasons behind your misalignment. In my next message I will talk about food and lifestyle that you can consume and foods that you need to avoid. People are currently following a lifestyle mainly out of the compulsion of being accepted.

I am seeing and hearing about “Vegan” food that has spread like fire on this planet. All those consuming “Vegan” food – ask yourself about the real reason behind going for this food? Is it your “love” for animals or your “love” to be “DIFFERENT and ELITE”? I will give my answers some other time – for now I want you all to find your reasons behind doing all of this. Again, whether you want to find these answers to these questions is a matter of your FREE WILL and we will not judge you for it! 

Received from KAALI

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