FEAR vs FAITH — Channeling from St. GERMAIN
FEAR vs FAITH — Channeling from St. GERMAIN

Dear Children, this is GERMAIN speaking. In my previous avatar you fondly called me as JESUS – well you still do that. I am here today to talk about your misconceptions about FAITH. I am talking to you through this CHANNEL who is an essence of SHIVA. He knows that but is not comfortable sharing it with the world because of his FEAR of being REJECTED. He has accepted himself as SHIVAANSH but he keeps telling people that he has been receiving messages from SHIVA. Yes, he is receiving those messages from SHIVA but he needs to believe in him being SHIVAANSH. FEAR is holding him back. Come Aug 1 and he will start addressing himself as SHIVAANSH.

It is essential that all my CHILDREN understand that they do not have FAITH and DO NOT UNDERSTAND FAITH. Only 0.05% of your world’s population understands the meaning of FAITH while the rest of you live in FEAR. You visit temples, churches, mosques, fire temples and other religious places out of FEAR and not FAITH. Your FAITH is conditional but your FEAR is not. You thrive in FEAR. The current situation thrown at you was done for a reason – to shake mankind but you have not yet learnt the lesson. Things will now start coming back to normal and so will you. You will face a deadlier situation in the next FIVE YEARS. That may result in millions of people dying worldwide and you will not be able to stop that pandemic. GAIA is going through a change and will ensure that all those who do not match her frequencies will be exterminated before time. In our world, concept of time is irrelevant but I am using it for your understanding.

For you to completely understand FAITH, you will first have to ACCEPT that you do not believe in us – THE MASTERS. Had you believed in us you wouldn’t have called upon us only when you feel scared or fearful. Accept that you are FEARFUL and have gotten used to living that way. FAITH will come to you only when you ACCEPT your fears and other non-core emotions that are plaguing this planet. You are plagued with ANGER, RAGE, ENVY, JEALOUSY, FEAR and DESPAIR. You love these emotions and have been giving it to your offspring’s as well. Your energies are now in a total misalignment with GAIA so you need to understand that the only one to protect you is YOU. Accept yourself for what you are. In the next few days you will hear from us on ACCEPTANCE and EGO through SHIVAANSH.

It is your EGO that is holding you back and not letting you ACCEPT yourself for what you are. This is diluting your understanding of FAITH and letting you live in FEAR. You have to decide for yourself – do you want to continue living in FEAR and depart before your time or do you really want to ACCEPT your FEARS and other non-core emotions and move towards EVOLUTION. You will find your answers in our next channeling through SHIVAANSH but until then I want you to ponder over these points. Choice is yours – either LIVE in FAITH or DIE out of FEAR! May there be PEACE and LIGHT in and around you!

As received by SHIVAANSH from St. GERMAIN

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