Fear and Judgement

Hi Everyone,

Today I’ve decided to talk about the two most prevalent emotions of our society. “Fear” and “Judgement”.

Now although separate, these 2 are deeply inter-connected. Let’s see how.

The soul as we know, is essentially pure love. However, for the purpose of expansion and growth it decides to incarnate into various systems including this system of duality – The Earth Plane. The Earth plane is a bi-polar dimension where everything exists in a pair of opposites – good-bad, light-dark, ugly-pretty, etc. In other planes, even if opposites may exist, I am not sure if they do, but if they do, then neither is superior over the other. Everything just is. It is on the earth plane that one is considered better over the other.

In the first place, good/bad, pretty/ugly is all perception. Because nothing is universally good or bad. What maybe good for you may be bad for another and vice-versa, and so that which is so variable and not universally applicable is not Truth or Satya. Which means its an illusion. So Judgement is based on our perception and is hence an illusion. Yes, as I’ve said even before, there are things that feel right to you and agree with you and those that don’t agree with you and this is primarily based on your soul’s journey and path. Which will be very different from another’s. So doing that which agrees with you and refraining from that which doesn’t is understandable. But passing judgement over anyone who is doing something that doesn’t agree with you, makes for a waste of energy and time, because frankly its none of your business. They are probably doing that which allows them to fulfill their soul’s plan and balance out their karma. So instead of judging, understand that they are on their own journey just like you and let them be. However, if their actions involve you, then it is about your life lessons and karma and how you choose to navigate through the situation.

Having said that, lets see where in the first place does this judgement stem from…Yes, its fear. Fear is an energy that is fed into our systems from the day we are born till we leave this plane. We are taught to be afraid of doing something wrong. We are taught to be afraid of the consequences of our choices. For what? The point is not to fear the consequences of our choices but to learn to take responsibility for and accept them! When we are afraid, we judge more! If we fear something, we label it as dangerous or bad and in worst cases horrible! And this tendency then spills over into every other aspect of our lives. Instead of observing and just saying “that is something that doesn’t appeal to me or agree with me and so I will stay away from it”, we choose to say stuff like “OMG that’s so wrong, that person is so fat, how much do they eat, what are they wearing, how do they look, how could they say this or do this, etc.” Why!? What’s the point? All such thoughts stem from fear. Fear of seeing something that does not agree with you. Anything that feels out of the familiar for you; you fear and so the best way to camouflage the fear is to judge and label it. Judging is a defense mechanism. We make ourselves feel more powerful or superior over that which we are judging by judging it as bad. “Ohh that’s bad so I’m better off”. It is the fear of letting go of your beliefs and getting new beliefs and accepting that okay that is something that probably agrees with that person. In order to feel safe and comfortable we hold on so tightly to our beliefs that these beliefs then result in strong opinions and judgements being formed. We do not realise that we end up adding to the already existing energy of fear and judgement in the world. A better and more sensible approach would be to diffuse it. That’s what is needed more than anything else right now.

The intended role of this duality was to understand what does and does not agree with you and engage in and refrain from those things respectively. Nothing about judging others was ever part of the deal, nonetheless it is a characteristic of this plane that needs to be understood and transcended.

Fear and judgement are both illusions. There is no need to be afraid of anything. Replace fear with faith and judgement with compassion and understanding and see how peaceful you feel. I think that would be a decent contribution we can make to humanity.. what say?

Lots of Love n Light!

~Shweta V