Faith – An Alternative Perspective
Faith – An Alternative Perspective

Today, I felt guided to present a view or rather my take on “FAITH”. Well this is not a channeled message, it is entirely my view and perspective, however, I do feel that I am connected to the divine within as I write this.

With everything that has been going on around us, the world over, it has suddenly become imperative for us to learn new survival tactics. We have been hearing the words “New Normal”, or the “Next Normal”, etc..etc…what is this transformation, this shift, this change?

I would like to present to you a slightly different perspective.

If we all rewind a bit, to when all these changes attained great intensity and severity (which, is in the more recent past), the first emotion that overtook us all unanimously was FEAR! Wasn’t it? We were all united in Anyway, point being, it did not stop at the pandemic; there were multiple episodes in the form of natural calamities, wars, political fall-outs, etc. that followed in immediate succession, one after the other – thereby causing even more discomfort and instilling further fear in us all. We all as a race, were and still are trying to crawl back to some sense of normalcy, we want to cling on to something that feels safe and secure right? Did we ever stop to wonder, what is it that could possibly be happening here? When there is an overdose of instances instilling more and more fear, are we being called to finally rise above this fear? Are we being directed to stop trying and control everything; And probably move into a state of flow and surrender? Is this the final attempt to push us up against the wall, so that we finally release the fear and have no choice but to move into a state of faith? I wonder

Speaking of faith, I can’t help but think about another funny aspect of human behavior (with no offence meant to anyone here) – and that is that we often make statements such as  –

I have complete faith, but I still need to know for sure! Or then…

I have faith, but still you never know right? Or then..

I am 100% sure this will all work out but I still worry, its only human to worry.

Well statements such as these are conflicting and yet we use them so often and so naturally that we don’t even realise it.

FAITH cannot be followed by any IFS and BUTS. You either COMPLETELY HAVE IT OR DON’T HAVE IT AT ALL. It cannot be conditional, basis situations and circumstances – It is either there or not there. It helps to be aware of whether you really have faith in something/someone or not, so that you know where you truly stand with respect to you own belief about something/someone.

So how do you do this? Well try it! Take any situation that is worrying you like crazy – and now choose to surrender that situation to any power/force/person that you think you have faith in. If after doing that, you genuinely feel completely peaceful, WITH ZERO WORRY, and I actually mean literally ZERO worry, you know you indeed have faith in the thing you chose to surrender your situation to. However, should you still continue to worry, know that you do not have faith. You want to, but as of now you don’t. And that is absolutely fine. You don’t have to judge yourself for it. It is a journey and it takes time. Just be aware of this and start working towards it. Work on moving from FEAR TO FAITH. It is worth the shift, you’ll see!

~Shweta V.

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