Does God get Angry?

Hi Everyone,

Here is another one of my unpopular beliefs that I have taken the liberty to express. Of course this is not meant to offend anyone. However, if it does resonate with you, then please do not force yourself to believe otherwise just out of fear of being judged.

Yesterday someone told me that “Oh you have to be so careful with Ganesh, you cannot place him at the back of your temple or altar, you don’t want him getting mad at you”. This statement made me realise that its high time I express and share what I feel.

And that is why today I am writing about “God & Anger”.

Dear God,

Today I want to say

That why up to this day

Was I taught to be afraid?

When I left you to come here

You were only Love and Care

Then over the years, how oh dear,

You suddenly turned into a ball of fear?

They say that your wrath knows no bound

When all I know is that is far from profound

There is only one truth – that you are pure, unconditional Love

Watching over us all from up above.

You always will accept and forgive us, no matter what

And people need to learn that that is what truly is GOD!

So when we speak of God and the masters and guides, they are who they are because of vibrating at a certain frequency. A frequency of pure, unconditional love. That is the frequency which all of us eventually get to. It is the ultimate goal of our spiritual journey and ascension process. So now that it has been established that they are at the frequency of unconditional love and enlightenment, how can they have the energy of anger within. The energy of anger gets dropped off at somewhere between the 4th and 5th dimensions during the ascension process. The laws of physics do not allow that frequency to exist beyond a certain dimension.

These divine beings have far surpassed these limits. They dwell in realms which vibrate at a frequency beyond human comprehension. Which means the emotions or virtues that would prevail there would also be beyond human comprehension – 100% Unconditional Love, Joy , peace, bliss, awareness. No judgement, no anger, zero fear! So if we say a certain God/master will get angry or upset if you do or do not do something – either that god is not god because physics doesn’t allow for it or it’s a misconception we have been carrying for eons now.

Yes, I am ready to believe that for the sake of maintaining some kind of discipline and order, these Gods were sort of given a scary connotation so that people adhere to norms for fear of dire consequences, but this has grown out of proportion now. Now is not the time to be afraid of god and inhibit yourself. As the planet ascends, it is time to move closer to god and in order to move closer to God, it is important to understand God.

God loves us all unconditionally. God/Source energy is an energy that is all encompassing and all accepting. God loves us and respects us enough to allow us to experience life on our terms. He doesn’t judge us but guides us and helps us whenever we ask him to. He has his extension or 2nd line of management – the masters and guides who are also unconditional in their love and guidance for us.

And ever thought about this, that why would the same energy that teaches you that fear is an illusion, want you to fear it? Makes no sense right?

Let go of all fears and anxieties related to God. Befriend him, consult him, seek his advice. He is unconditionally available to all those who reach out to him. Start moving from fear to faith, this is the need of the hour.

Think about what I’ve said. You always have the free will to choose what to believe. And as always God and the Guides will respect your free will choices! 😉

Lots of Love & Light!

~Shweta V