Denial – the SERPENT in YOU!
Denial – the SERPENT in YOU!

Om Namah Shivay! This is KAALI and I am here to question you all about “Denial”. Why are you all always in a state of denial? Why aren’t you fine accepting your DISBELIEFS, your MISTRUST in US, your EGO and your FEARS? Why do you always want to project a positive image to the outside world? First step is to identify all aspects that you have rejected about yourself. You may not like someone and may have extreme anger towards that person but you may not accept this fact and try to please that person instead. Whom are you trying to fool? Why is there a misalignment inside you? Why is there a deep desire to project a GOOD IMAGE about yourself? It is fine to show the world who you really are! So if you are someone who loves to put others down then show the world your true side. Once you truly live this side of yours you will slowly start aligning to who you really are.

Once you have that understanding – you will eventually start accepting yourself and the others around you just the way they are. This will then transform you from inside and you will no longer have the need to put others down. There will be ACCEPTANCE and PEACE in and around you. I know some of you would say it is easier said than done. I would agree with you all on this because none of you is willing to shed your mask – because you have always loved to live in layers. It is time for you all to rise above your real self.

I am not here to nurture you or your fears – instead I am her to slay you and your association to all your non-core emotions. Living in DENIAL is like living with a serpent and you are in a way killing yourself and the people around you. It is time to make the choice – either continue to live with the serpent and remain misaligned or have the courage to kill this serpent and kill this dark side inside you to remain aligned! I would now let your ASCENDED MASTER – GERMAIN speak to you about DENIAL.

I am GERMAIN and like KAALI, I too am not here to nurture you. You all keep using the words INTEGRITY and TRUST when deep inside you there is a desire to CHEAT yourself and the people around you. The choice is totally yours – the EGO inside is so inflated that you are totally blinded. While we are saying this, our CHANNEL isn’t ready to type what is being said – again it is a result of his own DENIAL. He needs to accept the fact that he has been sent on this planet to create awareness and awakening and it will be possible only once you shake people from inside and this is what we are doing. We are shaking your core beliefs about who you really are – the choice is totally up to you. If you wish to live a life of a CHEATER then that is totally your call! You have always projected your doubts, fears and mistrust on others – look inside you and then decide who is at fault. Alignment is the only way out! We will stop sending channeling messages because you will not change your way of  thinking. You DESERVE to be in a situation that has been thrown at you. You may now start doubting whether we really are ASCENDED MASTERS or a fraction of this CHANNELS imagination. We are ASCENDED MASTERS indeed and our purpose is to shake you all and it will happen only through whiplashing. Your time to seek nurturance has gone. It is time for you to rise and should you choose to rise you will find us on the other side with open arms. We will nurture only those who are truthful to themselves and others – for the rest of you – continue living in your delusional world with your fake FAITH in the masters that you choose to believe in. That’s all we had to say! May sense prevail and let there be Peace and Light in and around you!

Received through SHIVAANSH from KAALI and St. Germain

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