Decision Making – Friend or Foe?

Today I am going to touch upon something very basic yet extremely crucial – Decision Making! Whenever we are faced with choices, which is almost all the time, we get taken aback for anywhere between a split second to a few months or years. Mainly because we want to make sure that we make the RIGHT CHOICE! So we go from impulse to overthinking and over analyzing. Basically we go from avoiding facing the facts to being over cautious and thinking up of angles and aspects that dint even exist in the first place. Thereby making the entire process so very woeful!

So how do we do this?

Well what I’ve presented here is just my take on it. It may or may not agree with you.

So here goes…

Firstly always check, whether this decision is truly in alignment with what feels right to you. If you are taking decisions to please your family and friends or society at large, you will have a hard time taking a decision, because there will be a mismatch between what your soul feels is right for you and what you are about to do! So on checking if you feel that this is not something that truly agrees with you, ideally you should decide TO NOT DO IT! The decision is that simple.

Secondly always remember, what you are actually afraid of is not the choice per say, but the consequence of the choice. Since you do know that every choice has a consequence. So while you can make different choices, what freaks you out is the fact that once you do, you must go through with it till its culmination. So the best thing to do is to come to terms with or be in acceptance of the potential consequence of your choice. Once you say to yourself and genuinely mean it that “at max, xyz will happen and I am okay with that”, decision making will be easy. Learn to be okay with the consequences of your choices, then life will be relatively easy. And if you are unable to accept the potential consequence of your choice, then change the choice.

You are the creator of your life. The choices you make are your responsibility. And the Law of Attraction says that there are no wrong choices. Your choices reflect your frequency. Which means you get what you vibrate/send out. So please do not worry about making the wrong decision. There are no mistakes in a perfectly mathematical universe. It will either give you happiness or is something that is needed to teach you important life lessons. Either ways it is right for you and will help you learn and grow.

Nonetheless, the above pointers can greatly help if you are at cross roads in life. Try it. Decision making is not supposed to be so scary or difficult. Once you own your power and understand how the universe operates, you can create the life you want, by aligning your choices with what you desire.

Decision making is a tool that sculpts your life and YOU are the sculptor. No one is judging you, no one is evaluating you. You are not answerable to anyone except yourself. So please do that which feels right to you and build the life of your dreams!

Love n Light Always!

~Shweta V