Connect the dots: Hypertension (High BP) and Emotional issues!
Connect the dots: Hypertension (High BP) and Emotional issues!

I was diagnosed with a High BP problem in 2012. Coincidentally, 2012 was the year where I was going through a rough patch both personally as well as professionally. My anxiety and panic attacks were at its peak and this lead to a severe problem on Sleep Apnea!

Now all these issues are interconnected – sleep apnea leads to breathlessness (you actually stop breathing in your sleep for a few seconds.) which causes anxiety/panic attacks and this in turn increases your blood pressure. Typically all these are physical symptoms and can be treated through medicine, but it will make you dependent on medicines and/or the CPAP machine (for sleep apnea) for life. You may be able to get your BP under control and also sleep peacefully through the CPAP machine but will it actually solve your problem? The answer is NO!

While I mentioned that 2012 was a tough year for me, I have every reason to believe that the bodily issues I faced back in 2012 may have been a result of unresolved emotional issues from the past. It’s like the pressure cooker – if you were to seal the pressure release mechanism of your cooker, the pressure inside may reach some dangerous levels and if this happens, the top would eventually pop up! Similarly, if we do not release our emotions or share our pain with people, it will eventually reach dangerous levels and start affecting our body and mind.

Unresolved emotions put a lot of pressure on us as we are unable to speak our mind. This pressure eventually starts building up inside and leads to issues like High BP, Anxiety, Depression, etc. In short, our inability to speak our mind affects our quality of life and we get into what is typically called as the ‘victim’ zone. So how does one take charge of his/her life and reduce dependability on medicines or other alternative methods to keep our BP under control? The answer is simple – connect to your pain, accept your current situation and start introspecting your life! Now, before we get into some specific steps of how you can transform yourself let me make it clear that I am not asking you to stop taking your medicines. BP medicines can be stopped only after your doctor gives you the green signal else you may have to continue taking it for a lifetime!

According to Louise Hay, all of our bodily issues have a deep connection to our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Louise was one of the best healers in the world who has healed millions of people through her unique healing methods and positive philosophies. If you are into reading you may want to read some of her best sellers – Heal Your Body and You Can Heal Your Life.

Let me share a real-life example with you on how connecting to your emotions/pain/fear can help you heal your life! Since the last one month I had been facing a lot of issues. It started with a gastric problem which lead to an increase in my blood pressure and I had to stop eating my favorite food. I had some homemade remedies to resolve the problem. Every night I would get up due to an acid reflux and end up staring at the ceiling. This later led to a severe panic attack, and I was left breathless. Heavy breathing just added to my anxiety and I was gasping for breath for no reason at all. I related all these issues to work stress (which wasn’t there!)

I then decided to connect to my anxiety and my “Jumpya” (name I have given to my anxiety) asked me to discuss these issues with my supervisor, my life coach/counsellor and my wife. I discussed it at length with all of them, but I was still unable to overcome my anxiety. All this while I was denying that I am not feeling bad about leaving my company or I was scared of starting my new venture. But the night of Mar 7, 2019 was different – I connected to the pain of moving out of CACTUS and also connected to the fear of starting my own venture. The moment I connected to my pain I was at peace. My breathing went back to normal and so did my BP. The next day, I felt a bit tired but was constantly connecting to my pain and fear. By Mar 9, I was completely fine.

If only I had connected to my pain (which my wife had been telling me) I would have been in a much better place. But as they say, you need to learn from your lessons before progressing to the next level. My biggest learning was to connect to my pain and to the fact that it is fine to feel scared and it is fine to release your emotions.

Here are some simple techniques (based on my own experience) that you could follow to transform/heal yourself

1) List down your emotional pain (kind of a laundry list) – this could be some emotional pain from your childhood that you have not yet resolved (e.g. constant comparison, being ridiculed, inability to speak your mind, fear if being judged, etc.).

2) Connect to your pain – we are always in the denial mode and the only way to heal ourselves is to connect with the pain and accept it.

3) Heal your pain – the moment you connect to your pain, you need to feel it and just focus on releasing your emotions. You will be at peace and will be in a better position to manage your situation. Ensure that you share your thoughts and feelings with someone. (could be your loved one, your supervisor or friend, your life coach/counselor, etc)

Remember that it is fine to feel scared, and it is fine to release your emotions! YOU ARE OK!

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