I do not need to elaborate on how competitive is the world that we inhabit today. You already know it. Competitiveness is a way of life. It’s  like a legacy which we pass on to our unborn child while still in the womb – we have already planned his/her school, education, career, etc..

Competitiveness has become so ingrained in us, that we don’t find anything weird or wrong with it. That’s how the world has been operating for centuries so how would it feel weird since the human genome is used to it now. Its considered “Normal” and anyone who wants to step out of this rat race is considered “weird”, “strange” “unambitious” or “abnormal”.

So lets pause and reflect here…..

What will happen if we step out of this competition? If we stop running? If we stop wanting to come first or be the best or be better than the others?

But before we explore the consequences of stepping out of this competition, lets take a look at the current scenario, shall we? All competition, well atleast 95% revolves around money. Good school+ Good ranks & grades = Good College/University+ Good Ranks & Grades = High Paying Job + Working hard  = Promotions + higher pay = Better life.

This equation more or less sums up our basic human thinking. However from my experience I am compelled to question certain elements of this equation.

Firstly, I want to know if there are 100% guarantees to this equation holding true?

Secondly, I want to know where is “Happiness” in this entire equation? Is it necessary that a better life equals happiness?

Also, we all know that high paying jobs today are stressful, so what about the health implications of this stress? That additional money is basically providing for your medical bills which accrue exactly out of everything you did to earn that extra money – the late nights, overtime, skipping meals, etc.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against any industry or the corporate world. I am only presenting a perspective here – that why we cannot exist without feeling the need to run, rush or overtake someone else? Why is this notion so strong that if you don’t compete you will be left behind? Behind where…In stress? I’d take it!

Now here is a different perspective on how things could work…

What if an individual does not want to compete and is happy following their heart and living their passion and living life at their own pace? How about that? When someone steps out of competition, they are essentially surrendering to a higher power within themselves. They choose to decide for themselves, how they should live their lives. This kind of a being, who owns their power, will always act in alignment with their inner knowingness of what is right for them. They don’t live for society’s validation or approval. When you act in alignment with who you are, there is a general feeling of joy, well-being and peace. And therefore you attract more of these, courtesy the Law of Attraction. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to foot medical bills if you are at peace, you may have to, but chances are slim, since your overall vibe is that of well-being.

Why do you think today there is an increasing number of people turning towards spirituality, trying to find a better way of living? It is all because everyone is slowly awakening and realizing that competition, just like fear is an illusion. (Infact fear makes you compete and the more you compete the more fear you breed). However, in reality there is no race, we are all living our own reality. Every individual decides for themselves what they desire and how they are going to manifest it and it does not depend on anything outside of you. It is all inside. No one and nothing outside of you can give anything to you or take anything away from you, without your consent (conscious and sub-conscious).

So instead of feeding competition in your children, instill in them the faith that there is abundance of everything and that they have the power to manifest whatever it is that they desire. It is more important to give in your best to anything and to enjoy and learn from  the process, than to struggle and push yourself and come first.

These are important shifts that are coming around soon and we as human beings will have to make crucial trade-offs between our old ways which no longer serve us and the new ways which we are unfamiliar with.

It is the time to change. Change our choices. Do we choose to compete (aka participate in the illusion) or do we choose to live with faith and power with a view to learn and grow from each experience? We are moving towards the golden age, so eventually we will have to shift, the only choice we have is do we want to start now or later?

~Shweta V