Hi Everyone,

Today I have decided to touch upon that aspect of our human society which is so subtle that we don’t even consciously realise we are doing it. That is how deeply ingrained it is in us. Yes, I’m talking about “Clothes”. That thing that covers our bodies – our home on the planet. Clothes don’t even directly cover us, they cover that part (the body) which covers us – the soul.

So let’s understand what’s the big hue and cry about clothes.

The typical mindset is “dress to impress.” If you dress well you will be taken seriously or respected, else not. Which is sadly true in the current world system. It has become such a norm that you yourself feel good when you dress up v/s when you dress down. Why is it so? Because the equation goes – To be accepted you need to look good. Part of looking good comes from dressing well. So when as per me I dress well, I look good and hence feel accepted and hence feel good about myself.

Please understand the basic flaws in this equation –

What maybe good clothing for you, may not be the same for others  – the very others by whom you want to feel accepted. So there is no guarantee that despite dressing well, others may feel the same about your choice of clothing. Because good and bad, as I always say, are a matter of perception which varies from person to person.

If you do not love and accept yourself, then no matter how you look or what you wear, the law of attraction will always give you that which you send out – i.e. people and situations that do not completely love and accept you (may even judge you).

So then why waste your time in trying to impress? Now please understand that I am not against dressing up or down, please dress the way you want to. All I am expressing here is my take on a system – “dressing to impress others”. In which case “Dressing” becomes more “Stressing!” Lol!

Just like everything else, what you wear should be your decision and your choice. Wear it simply because you want to. People will talk anyways, because everyone is different and has differing tastes and preferences. Which, of course, you will never know, and you don’t even have to! You cannot control anyone or anything. You can only control/manage yourself, your decisions and choices. People will always judge you, because – remember? Fear! (I mentioned that in my previous article).

Besides, you may never know why someone dresses the way they do. It could be for comfort, it could be for lack of resources, lack of awareness or anything for that matter.

Remember, that when you interact with someone, it’s not your clothes that engage with each other, it’s your energies, your souls, your intelligence, your emotions, your thoughts and your beliefs that do! So why lay so much emphasis on the outer covering of your outer covering? Beats me!

In conclusion I’d just like to say, that just because something is a culture or norm or the generally accepted way, it doesn’t have to necessarily be your truth or right for you. So don’t bother wasting your time and energy on judging others or yourself or worrying about being judged by others based on clothing. Just wear what you like. With time and increased awareness, like all other social reforms, this too shall become the new norm!

This article is a small effort in trying to bring about a shift in our thinking. So the next time you start stressing over what to wear…..stop…because it’s futile… 😊

Love & Light Always!

~ Shweta V