Hello people, I am someone you have known for years. Some call me Wonder man, some Invisible Man, while some even call me an Alchemist. I am Germain (they address me as St Germain). I was born in the year 1400 as I had to transform my energy form into the human form once again. You have known me mainly through my previous avatar – JESUS. JESUS is an AVATAR of the ALMIGHTY himself – I will not get into the true form of that MASTER as humans are not yet ready to accept the fact.

Today, through Akshay I wish to address you all about the ARROGANCE that each one of you display day in and day out. No matter what profession you have chosen for yourself – remember that it is not you who is doing it — the ALMIGHTY or the MASTERS are getting it done through you. You are just playing your part and then moving onto the next plane of your life. I can see a lot of ‘I’ and ‘WE’ at play here — no you aren’t doing it! Throw away that mask, there is no need for you to be arrogant. You are not fulfilling your purpose – why do you want to tell the world about your deeds? Let the work speak for itself. The day you realize that you are just acting on behalf of the MASTERS you will be at peace. THE MASTERS ENERGY resides in you but because of this arrogance you can’t feel or experience it.

There are multiple universes around you and your universe is way behind the rest of the multiverses. You say mankind has evolved – I would say there is a lot of work to be done on this planet and it will be possible only when you shed your vices, your fears, your inhibitions and most importantly your arrogance and ego. I hear many of you saying, that Mother Earth is currently angry because of the bad deeds done by humans – again this is where you are giving undue importance to mankind. Mother Earth or Gaia adjusts herself every 100-150 years regardless of what humans do. The ones who match her energies and frequencies survive while the rest are exterminated before time. Stop giving yourself undue importance.

Do your work in peace and do not fall in the trap of letting the world know of it — you are not doing anyone a favor. It is your purpose and the MASTER is getting it done through you. Life lessons and Life purpose are two different things so do not confuse them. Lessons are for you to evolve – it has got nothing to do with your SOUL. You live your life, learn lessons and come back to your original home. This is where the SOUL learns and grows. When you feel you are ready to live another life you go back to this planet or any other universe you may want to live and experience. You may not connect to what I am saying now, and it is fine — all you need to remember, and practice is to live without ARROGANCE.

Remember that you are just a medium to facilitate a few things on this planet. Do your work diligently  and selflessly. There are very few  who understand this, and these are the ones who are often considered to be an outcast in your society – this is a sad reality of your world! Have faith in the MASTER, believe in yourself and do your work without expecting anything in return!

If you have any questions on this, reach out to Akshay. He will seek  answers for you through me. Let there be PEACE and LIGHT! 

received from St Germain

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