Om Namah Shivay!

This is Shiva! Today, I wish to speak about ANGER. An emotion that has engulfed the entire planet. Anger is a CORE EMOTION of humans, but excess of this emotion becomes a non-core emotion. Let me explain it to you in simple words. ANGER is needed to speak for what is right, it is needed as an emotion for standing up for yourself. But imbalance of this emotion leads to non-core elements and pushes you towards committing crimes.

Rage is a sign of the DEVIL – when the non-core part of ANGER takes over your MIND and BODY you do things that are not compatible with your soul’s purpose. You either get into the GUILT mode or you REPENT for what you have done. In both scenarios, the damage is already done, and you cannot correct it. The root-cause of this is low self-esteem and low self-awareness. You start using ANGER as a weapon against people. When in denial (of your low self-esteem and low self-awareness) you try to dominate people and push them towards FEAR.

People start fearing you and this satiates your hunger of having a high self-esteem. Low self-esteem again is a result of your painful childhood memories. You are born on this planet to learn a few lessons and then ascend to the next level of your evolution. To help you learn these lessons, you must go through painful memories and events. You forget your life’s purpose and do things that go against your core energy.

If you wish to keep your ANGER under control and use it through its CORE ENERGY, then the first step is to go back in time and make a note of all the painful memories and events from your life. Observe it from above, remain detached and see what lessons it is offering you. Once you have identified your life lessons, you start living those lessons daily and start transforming yourselves.

For some the lessons could be of self-love, acceptance, self-belief, humility and the list just goes on. ANGER is a great source of energy but using it in excess will only destroy your soul’s core purpose and push you back from where you came. You have worked hard, learnt a few lessons in the other world (your original home) and came here to learn new lessons for your progression. 

Stay connected to your core purpose, understand who you are, identify your lessons and walk on the chosen path. You will ascend to the next level. That’s all for now! I will talk about how you can stay connected to yourself later! 

received from Lord Shiva

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