Akshay V. Masurekar (aka Akki Masurekar)

Founder & Managing Partner

After investing 17 years at CACTUS (ranked India’s Best Companies To Work For by Great Place To Work, India) I decided to chalk out a path for myself. In these last 17 years I have played various roles in the HR, Client Servicing and Learning & Development functions.

Over these years, I have been able to generate customer experience for both internal as well as external clients. I have also developed people on Becoming Emotionally Intelligent, Managing Difficult Conversations,  Becoming Assertive, Overcoming Fear of Failure and Gaining Commitment from a team of International staff through various workshops and coaching sessions.

Importance of Finding a Purpose in Life

I had always been a lost soul since my childhood and had no purpose in life whatsoever. I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life. I would often run away from questions about my career aspirations. I was living in my wonderland without any purpose in life. I would often see myself from someone else’s perspective – I had no mind of my own. I was comfortable being in that zone.

I had the opportunity to join CACTUS in 2002 (I was their first employee) and that was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I started making decisions which created an impact on my professional life. I was able to touch lives of many people through my operational excellence in customer servicing and later through Learning & Development interventions. While I was doing well professionally I was still seeing myself from someone else’s frame. Was I able to find the purpose of my life – NO!

In 2012, I had severe panic and anxiety attacks and I started going for my counselling sessions. These sessions were so impactful that within a month or so I was able to overcome my anxiety and panic attacks. But I chose to continue my journey of self-awareness and introspection.

This journey of introspection had a tremendous impact on my personal as well as professional life. I was able to lead a life I always wanted to. My quality of conversations improved and so did my overall quality of work. I was also able to make an impact of enabling some of my internal stakeholders make progress on their professional goals through my coaching and counselling sessions.

I had finally found a purpose in life – a purpose of transforming lives and healing people. Thus, I chose to move out of my current workplace and focus on helping other people find a purpose in life!

In the last 5 years, I have trained 100+ people on Emotional Intelligence, Improving Customer Service, Managing Difficult Conversations and Giving Effective Feedback. I have also successfully coached 15 people on Becoming Effective Leaders, Overcoming Fear of Failure, Becoming Assertive and also enabled the Administration team of 25 people at CACTUS on creating an excellent customer experience.

I have done my Bachelor’s in Commerce from Dahanukar College and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. I am also a Certified LIFE Transitions Coach, Certified Relationship Coach and a Certified Executive Coach from the Certified Coaches Alliances and Symbiosis Coaching, USA. I am also pursuing a certification in Psychological Counselling from the Institute of Holistic Mental Health, India. Apart from this I am also a Certified EQ Analyst and a Licensed and Certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader authorized by Hay House Inc, USA.

Through my learnings from the corporate life and my own introspectional journey I wish to Transform Lives and Heal People. Let us work together on finding your purpose and transforming your life!

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