A World Without Money

Today I’ve decided to view the world in an ideal scenario. Nowadays, when we look around, we see there is so much greed, corruption, fear, pressure to succeed in life, etc. and if you do a funnel analysis of these, it all boils down to one thing – “Money”. Everyone wants more money, because money is undeniably one of the most important resources required to live a comfortable life on earth.

Honestly, money is just energy, just like everything else, but over eons now as human beings evolved and started understanding the concept of trade and exchange, the barter system developed which has finally now evolved to the current capitalistic society that we all are a part of in which Money is everything – It’s just been a result of evolving collective human perception. Whether it is the truth or not is debatable, simply because for those who understand the principles of the law of attraction and manifestation, you will know that money and everything else can be attracted independent of cheating, corruption, greed, fear and anxiety.

Anyways, coming back to my ideal world, one day I was just pondering that what if there was NO MONEY? What would that world look like? Maybe something like the Atlantean times? Where everyone graciously shared their knowledge, wisdom and other resources. Everyone freely taught  and freely learnt at the same time. However, as part of the planet’s evolution and growth power, greed and corruption had to surface so that human beings could experience it all and transcend it. Money formed an excellent instrument to serve this purpose. The way we are all attached to money and fear losing it is hilarious at the same time scary. Such a classic case of having given our power away to an object!

Continuing, I am just presenting my thoughts here, whether realistic or not, is not the objective of this article.

So assuming that there was no money, how would things look –

Children would learn from teachers, the subjects of their interest without any restriction. A child could learn art and medicine at the same time. These teachers of course would have gained their wisdom the same way. Farmers would share their produce, because they in the first place would not buy their seeds, they would only procure them. Architects and builders would construct, because of their knowledge and passion to build. Doctors would heal because of their knowledge and passion to heal. In such a free society, people would pursue what they are passionate about strictly based on their interests. Without any fear of not having enough money. No one would be denied healthcare because they can’t afford it, since affordability simply wouldn’t exist!

There would be no pressure on children to come first in school/college, get a job and then marry and run homes. It would all be so relaxed and passion driven, with people following their hearts and decisions being made solely on the basis of instinct without the logical mind poking its nose with money-based consequences.

Humans would still make inventions and share those with the world to make life easy, pretty much like Nikola Tesla wanted to do by inventing electricity and distributing it for free.

There would be wise utilization instead of exploitation of natural resources.

You can add to this list a million other things, because everything would be shared, not grabbed, snatched or stolen. Can you imagine how low would the poverty and unemployment related crimes rate be?!

This is only a snapshot I’ve presented. However, coming back to current reality, money is playing its role. It is teaching us to treat it as energy and to learn to manifest it in abundance for ourselves. Money is helping so many beings learn such important life lessons, so as long as there is learning happening, I’ll take it! 😉

However, in order to learn to detach from money, it would be a good idea to sometimes slip into this imaginary world of NO MONEY, while simultaneously manifesting the resources you need using the powerful laws of the universe.

~Shweta V