5 Reasons Why People Avoid Talking About Mental Health!
5 Reasons Why People Avoid Talking About Mental Health!

Mental Health is an important aspect of our life but more often than not, we avoid talking about it in the open because of the taboo associated with it.

We are fine going to a doctor for treating our physical ailments but prefer to hide or ignore mental illness. Here are 5 reasons why people avoid talking about mental health:

1) Social stigma – there is a social stigma associated with mental health. There is a myth that anyone having a mental illness will land up in a mental asylum. The fact is that not all brain diseases are categorized as mental illnesses. There is a lot of research and material available on mental health but people prefer staying away because this is what they have been told since their childhood. If a child says he is feeling anxious or having panic attacks then parents/teachers or even guardians have asked them to not have such thoughts. As a result of this, people stop talking about it in the open and end up worsening the situation.

2) Fear of being judged – here you may find people going to a psychiatrist, therapist, counsellor or even a life coach but would avoid discussing it in the open due to the fear of being judged. They feel that if others know about their condition then they may be ridiculed by the people around them. There may be cases where people avoid seeking professional health due to the same fear – this is even worse! Seeking help is recommended regardless of whether you wish to share it with the general public.

3) Be Strong syndrome – many parents ask their children to be strong and not express their feelings and thoughts. “Be Strong” is such a strong word that it actually impacts your personality and you become emotionally disillusioned. If given a choice I would want to take “strict” action against all those who ask people to be strong under every situation. It is fine to feel NOT OK – in fact, you are being strong by accepting the NOT OK feeling!

4) Clueless – many a times people don’t know what to do when they feel anxious, depressed or have panic attacks. They either talk to their friends or family who would either give them some advice or ask them to neglect it. The only good thing about such souls is that they at least talk to people about what they are experiencing so what if it sounds like they are talking to a wall! 🙂

5) Financial burden – people find the fees to be quite expensive and end up neglecting the issue at hand. Typically a therapist or a counsellor would charge somewhere between 1,500-2,000 INR per hour for a session while a Life Coach or a Heal Your Life Coach would charge their clients 5,000-7,000 INR per hour. People need to start looking beyond the pricing and focus on the value they would get from such conversations.

As someone who has been through anxiety and panic attacks in the past, I would recommend that people seek professional help and also talk about their mental illness. While you may know that you need to exercise your body, did you know that it may also be important to exercise your mind? One needs to identify the mental health problem and then take steps to resolve the problem.

In the next post, we will talk about the 3 Common Mental Health Problems faced by people.

These were my thoughts on mental health. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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