2018: The year that altered the course of my life!
2018: The year that altered the course of my life!


Right from the start of 2018 I had a feeling that this year would alter the course of my life and I was right!

I had a terrific job and was working with some of the best people on this planet but deep down I felt like something was missing! I rarely had this feeling in my 16 years of career at my place of worship. Why did these feelings occur to me when I was enjoying myself?

I spent the last 5-6 years on healing myself and I did see its benefits. In fact, in 2017, I did discuss with my Life coach about the possibility of making a career shift and becoming a Life Coach. She was happy but felt I wasn’t ready! After that, I forgot about my aspirations of becoming a Life Coach but those thoughts kept lingering in my mind.

Clark Quay, Singapore: the abode of my enlightenment

2017 was a typical year like any other except that I had planned for a trip to Singapore. Sam and I celebrated our New Year’s Eve last year in Singapore. The whole purpose of that trip was to explore myself. I still remember the evening of Jan 2, 2018 at Clark Quay. Luckily it wasn’t raining, so we got a chance to enjoy the lovely meal at one of the restaurants situated at Clark Quay overseeing the tall buildings across the lovely Singapore River.

I reflected on the last 5-6 years of my life and how it had transformed me as a person. I had become more accepting of my shortcomings and gained a deep understanding of my strengths. I also reflected on the conversations I had had with one of my cousins to help her overcome some of her deepest fears. Yes, of course it was a result of the efforts both of us had put and she was equally responsible for her own growth but I chose to think about the process I followed to help her move in the right direction. It was at that moment that I found my calling in life – a ‘healer’!

On Jan 2, 2018 I had made the most crucial decision of my life about getting into the Mental Health field. Sam had no clue about what was coming. Apart from her, I also had to discuss this with my family and most importantly my bosses! As a person, I have always been very shy and often chose to keep things to myself. But something had changed in me – I was determined to discuss this with all these VIPs in my life! It could have been a result of the work I had done on myself and partly due to the reflection exercise I had done at Clark Quay.

Breaking the news to the VIPs in my life!

I spent the next few days on establishing a compelling case for myself. I had to be sure that it wasn’t a one-off bizarre decision but a major life decision that would lead me to another path. I spent a lot of time outside work on what I genuinely wanted to do – this made me even more determined and I was prepared to reveal this news to Sam. I informed her about my plans of getting in to the field of healing people through Life Coaching and Counselling. To my surprise, she was pretty calm about my decision. She asked a few questions, and I explained all of them to her satisfaction. She was IN!

Then I had to deliver this news to my bosses back at work. They too were quite supportive of my decision and congratulated me on taking this bold step. My boss was kind enough to sponsor 50% of the Certified Life Coach course fees – this made things easier for me and I shall always be grateful to my boss and the organization.

Delivering this news to my family was not that easy. My sister and her husband were quite supportive, but my parents were quite apprehensive. The universe was on my side and I had the opportunity to go to Radisson Blue Resorts at Karjat with my parents. I was able to convince my parents (especially my dad) of my decision about moving on in life and starting my own firm. It was a day well spent.

So what prompted me to be this bold and make such a major decision?

I believe that once we are determined to achieve something nothing can stop us from moving ahead. Yes, it is a BIG RISK that I am taking but I am glad that I took this decision. I will turn 40 in May 2019 so its either a NOW or NEVER situation for me! I am aware of my fears, anxieties, weaknesses and strengths and it is this awareness that helped me not only make the decision but also convince the most significant people in my life!

If 2018 was the year that pushed me to make the most significant decision in my life, 2019 would be the year of executing that decision! July 2019 is when I start Phase 2 of my Professional journey and I owe it to Clark Quay, Singapore!

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