Everything has a meaning, a purpose for its existence, an identity. Similarly, a LOGO defines and represents the objective, purpose and intentions of the people behind it!

Our mission focuses on growth and healing through compassionate transformation. In keeping with this, we have carefully designed our logo to incorporate all elements of what we wish to represent and communicate to all!

The word Samaksh represents an energy of faith and surrender. We respect and honour the faith and trust our clients place in us and we return the favour by committing to help them with their growth and evolution to the best of our abilities.

The Lotus

The Lotus

The lotus is known and revered as a sign of enlightenment as well as abundance. We have represented the lotus in crystal form and in chakra colours to imply how the human DNA is crystalline and like everything in nature, we too embody the entire spectrum of light which splits within us to form the various chakras. We work through all your bodies – mental, emotional, energetic and physical using various therapies to help you on your path of evolution and become who you are truly meant to be.

The Butterflies

The Butterflies

Butterflies represent transformation and change, which is what we aim to help you with. Change can sometimes seem discomforting, which is why we walk with you assisting you every step of the way, to make the journey as smooth as possible for you. Also, the number “4” as per some spiritual schools of thought signifies abundant divine support. Hence you will see we have shown 4 butterflies here, to help you remember and feel assured that you are divinely supported through your journey of transformation.

The Crystal Separators

The Crystal Separators

Crystals are mother nature’s gift to us. The crystals placed in the logo, represent that while we assist you in your growth, we also ground you in your reality. We help you face your challenges, rather than run away from them. We help you stay in touch with reality. This is the premise on which we operate and the method through which we hope to help you heal and grow.

The Orange Glow

The Orange Glow

Orange is the colour of passion, creativity and joy. The orange glow around the lotus signifies a halo – A seal of your transformation and evolution. When you undertake inner work, you unleash the joy within and that is what ultimately leads to your evolution. This process is exactly what the orange represents.

The Aqua Colour

The Aqua Colour

Aqua symbolises water and water represents emotions. We help you not just address and heal toxic emotions, but we also help you dive deep within your subconscious to identify them in the first place. Also, our approach includes helping you to embody the qualities of water and get into a state of acceptance, resilience and flow just like water!

The Purple Colour

The Purple Colour

Purple is the colour of the crown chakra. It also signifies royalty and power. We’ve incorporated Purple in our logo to signify empowerment through healing. As purple signifies royalty and power, we want you too to feel like the king or queen that you are! Once you have understood your challenges and have committed to overcome those, the techniques we will use to assist you with, aim to help you feel empowered and lead a fulfilled and gratifying life!

SoulWaters Spirituality is a platform for you to trace your journey back to your mother’s womb and to your past lives. You have a purpose in this life and SoulWaters helps you decode messages related to your purpose and identify and address everything that stands in the way of you living that purpose through various techniques and modalities such as Channelling, Angel Card Readings, Past Life Regression Therapy, etc.

It is essential to identify and understand these messages in order to be able to reconnect with your real self and fulfil your current life’s purpose. People often forget who they are and what their purpose in life is. As such, they keep wandering throughout their life and come back with minimal lessons. The purpose of incarnation is to learn life lessons that contribute to your growth, evolution and eventual ascension. We all need to learn certain lessons in our life – in some cases we need to unlearn and then relearn. SoulWaters helps you discover what these lessons are and how you can learn them. But for this to happen it is essential to first find out who you really are. SoulWaters will help you with this by being a bridge between you and the divine and guiding you on how to connect with your higher self and discover who you are.

Soul is who we are and Water represents emotions. Emotions are the biggest part of being human. When the emotions align with who we are in spiritual truth, we experience divine bliss. This is what SoulWaters helps you with.. * Working through your emotions: acknowledging them, addressing them and healing them * Remembering who you truly are * Coming into your own

The Eye

The eye here represents our all-knowing, all-seeing third eye. It is the eye of our intuition, the eye of the soul.

The Water

The water below represents the emotions we feel in our human incarnations. The water is positioned below as we feel these emotions in a slightly lower dimension of consciousness i.e. primarily the 3rd dimension.

The Pyramid with stairs

The pyramid with stairs indicates rising or ascending. As you undertake inner work and healing, your emotions heal. With every healed emotion and healed story, you climb up the stairs of your own evolution, rising up to merge with your higher self; which is ultimately the objective of the entire cycle of incarnation.

Our focus is on HOLISTIC HEALING by empowering you to become aware of who you are, getting you closer to your real self and allowing you to connect to your life’s purpose.

We believe that a person TRANSFORMS and GROWS only after he/she has healed his/her emotional pain and wounds.

We offer compassionate support through our holistic services for facilitating SELF-AWARENESS, TRANSFORMATION AND AWAKENING.


Empowering people to HEAL, TRANSFORM and GROW


To be a medium for facilitating SELF-AWARENESS, TRANSFORMATION and AWAKENING


Client Centricity

Client Centricity

Our focus is on what the client thinks and experiences while respecting where they are in their life’s journey. Through our collaborative approach we assist clients in their transformative journey.



Safeguarding our clients’ interests and privacy is of prime importance to us. Confidentiality is one of the most critical aspects of our conversations as it promotes the much-required full disclosure from both parties involved.



Our conversations with clients are based on equality, mutual respect and collaboration. We consider our clients and our facilitators to have equal expertise. We believe that our clients are experts in their respective domains, and we walk with them by merely helping them introspect and reflect.



Our relationships and conversations with clients are based on truth, openness and trust.



We pride in our ability to empathize with clients and to work from a position of complete non-judgment and non-bias.

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My experience with Akshay was extremely positive. He was observing my behavioural/ body language changes before me sharing any worries with him. He was very proactive in approaching and understanding my issues, i was going through then. He was keen on giving right directions to overcome these challenges and his methodologies were helping him to ease out me unnecessary pressure that was mounting cause of fear of failure. The best part of Akshay is, he listens whole heartedly to our problem and makes you feel that he is there with you throughout the journey. He makes you connected to your pain, which is very interesting of him.

Vishnu Prasad,33, Male, Kerala, India

Rosemary is such a blessing to this Earth. She's a magical medium with such warm and welcoming energy. A gem to mankind. I cannot be more grateful to have been graced upon her company. Thank you for all that you do... For all the guidance you share... The wisdom you radiate... The peace and love you share... The connection you make... For being in the present to help others... And most importantly for simply being you!
Thank you endlessly with infinite love.

Erin Frances Lindback

Rosie and her Peeps always get to the heart of the matter. Thank you!

Kendall Rae Ramirez

Akshay not only cares and values peoples' minds but also commits to nurture them with genuine integrity. He always ponders what and how he can do better to treat every individual he encounters with utmost consideration. You will feel that when you sit and talk to him and such feelings you rarely get especially these times of superficiality. I wish him all the best for not only for those people he would directly interact with, but also for everyone who will benefit from his pure heart-felt wish for better and happier world.

Jungkyoo Kim,32, Seoul, S. Korea

As I moved into a managerial role, in the beginning it was an overwhelming experience to deal with people and managing my time. It seemed like everyone wanted a piece of me and my time. In all this chaos, I had no clue how I am going to achieve my targets if I am not able to devote time to do things that really needed to be done. However, my Coach and Mentor, Mr. Akshay Masurekar came to my rescue. Akshay has a unique way of coaching which goes beyond bookish knowledge which helped me get the perspective of real situations. He was able to coach by applying the concepts by drawing a parallel to the real-life challenges that I was facing. By having multiple discussions on everyday challenges, various role plays and sharing of real-life experiences made the learning sessions very interesting. Thanks to my Coach, today I am successfully leading a large team and enjoying a balanced life personally and professionally

Yashpal Shahasuno,33, Mumbai, India.

Before I started working with Akshay, I knew I had the ability to achieve heights that I had planned for myself, but I was having a really hard time reaching there. Akshay was extremely compassionate, supportive and most of all would get completely lost in what I had to say. His sincere and visionary examples assisted me look at my life holistically and then focus on the areas that I wanted to improve on. I cherish the connection we’ve made and literally cannot recommend him enough.

Sheldon Picardo,32, Mumbai, India.

Unwanted energy in my home was causing objects to inexplicably fall and break and my dog was upset and barking at something I couldn't see. After Rosie came in and performed a beautiful and interesting ceremony my house immediately felt calm and peaceful. I'm so grateful Rosie made my home liveable again!


I highly recommend Rosemary Nevara for space clearing and anything that involves working at an energetic level. She performed clearing ceremonies at 3 locations for me: my office, the space I use for my massage practice, and at my home. In all cases the environment felt clearer and brighter afterwards. Any heaviness was gone.

Liz Blackgoat,RN, LMT

What makes Rosie special is that she will give you an accurate reading... She can explain even the most difficult issues with such finesse that you are able to comprehend and hear them... Her spiritual maturity, clarity and integrity are the main reasons I keep going to her for readings. She is a gifted psychic with the ability to give guidance to whatever process you are going through.


Everyone is born with natural skills, talents and abilities. For Rosie, these include an extraordinary psychic ability. As a child she began seeing and communicating with Spirits, receiving information from otherworldly realms and traveling to other dimensions. Raised Catholic, it took decades for her to overcome conditioned fears about her natural gift. Thank heavens she did! Rosie's natural psychic ability enables her to access valuable information for clients in person or long distance, including health concerns, messages from lost loved ones and meaningful past life events. Rosie is equally adept at utilizing her psychic ability for personal readings, in Healing Touch or Reiki sessions, and in clearing private or public spaces of unwanted etheric energies.

Donna Lee Steele,Spiritual Evolutionary Astrologer

Shweta channels the angels and the masters and through them she uncovers the thoughts and knots that are deep rooted within our minds which can be figured out only by the Masters.

It is through her integrity and purity that she makes things happen. She brings us closer to our real self and our purpose in this birth.

S.R, Male,37, Mumbai, India.

I was facing crisis in my marriage when a close friend of mine referred me to Shweta. Shweta was very patient with listening to my issues and very honest and frank suggesting possible solutions. I did angel healing with her to understand the reasons behind my current situation and I was completely bowled over with the reveals she made. She also suggested remedies for solving the issues and fixing things at source. I am using her techniques and they are superbly effective.

Apart from this she is a beautiful soul with a heart to serve and help people heal. She is very very approachable. Fortunate to come across her.

S.C, Female,Mumbai, India.

I know Shweta for the last 3 years and since then I have been consulting and taking healings from her for my personal as well as professional situations. Her readings/ meditations are very accurate and precise and help one to look in the mirror and identify the areas of life that actually need healing and eventually does lead to healing. If you are going through any situation in life where you feel you need help and healing, I would highly recommend her, as she is a compassionate healer and moreover, a beautiful human being.

Thanks, Shweta, for being there and helping me in my journey.

Trisha Kaushik,30, Bhopal, India.

October 2019, we felt as if our world was torn apart when we lost our pet dog. The entire family was going through an emotional turmoil and that is when Shweta was introduced to us. She guided us really well through this difficult phase and helped us overcome our fears and regain our emotional strength. It was during this phase that she helped us to recognize the power of healing and to feel the presence of our angels around us, reaching out to them for guidance and protection.I reached out to her, to help me with my multiple health issues. She helped release my pain with her healing and also guided me well, wherever medical intervention was required. My faith in her healing ability and correct guidance has always had me seeking her intervention for all my friends and loved ones, whenever I feel that they need help.Mine and my family’s experience with Shweta (SoulWaters) has been amazing. Thoroughly impressed with her ability to explain certain phenomenon that were new to us, her immense patience with our multiple questions, answering each one with a reason and example. Her true passion, dedication and discipline towards her work is admirable.

K.G, Female,53, Mumbai, India.

I have not availed of any of SoulWaters’ healing services, however, the daily guidance messages which I receive from Shweta everyday are very helpful. My experience with SoulWaters has been excellent!

Sheetal Dhabria,39, Indore, India.

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